Hot Fap material is here

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I found some super sexy footage to fap to and it’s on Youtube so you don’t have to feel all pervy like you do on Anywho it’s my favorite hottie hot hot Brooke Burke doing some sort ofexercise video, and you know who the real target audience is for these videos. OMG fast forward to 2:14, Brooke spanks herself, that’s when I finished…Just thought I’d share that little info. After watching the video I really thought it was a spoof video, only thing missing was the shake weight resting between Brooke’s God made implants.

Eva Longoria pops out on Letterman

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Eva Longoria appeared on David Letterman Wednesday and had a wardrobe malfunction (what a gay term.) I love that it happened on Letterman seeing how it turned out he loved banging the interns while married. I don’t know about you but I respect Letterman so much more now that he’s just like me, horny and eff’in girls in the driveway of her boyfriends home. Any hootie whothe boobie comes out at 3:21 of the video, yes your welcome.

Natalie Portman goes swimming

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The trailer for Natalie Portman’s latest movie was released on the internets a few days ago and we got a glimpse of the Portman in a thong. Sure she’s a white girl that’s flat as a board but i don’t care, she’s wife material. I watched the movie Brothers like 5 times because she’s so eff’in adorable. I don’t blame Spider-man, if she made out with my brother i would put a gun to my head too.

It’s official: We are bored and really dumb

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I seen this video a few days ago about a real “time traveler” in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin’ movie and thought Ok well there is videos of people claiming that planes didn’t actually hit the WTC, it was holograms. I dismissed it and moved on. Turns out CNN picked up this dumb dumb video. Doesn’t people realize that Unemployment is at 9.6% and somewhere Chris Brown is dating again? Both of those things should be completely watched and focused on. CNN…The Most Trusted Name In News.

I wanna bang a married woman

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Hilary Duff appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new book. My Hilary obsession is still very much there but knowing she’s insane enough to get married at 23 makes me sad. 23 years old and getting married? That is totally nuts to me. Anywho Hilary sounded great on Kimmel and she’s one of the only celebrities that i actually watched on video that i don’t mute while fapping.

I fapped to the Lifetime channel

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I seen these recent pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt and it reminded me when her movie The Client List appeared on the Lifetime channel i watched it and Jesus Christ did you see her body in some of those scenes? Don’t worry the best parts are below (Video.) She looked better there than she did in the 90′s. That body is stupid hot yo. Can she just do a movie like Unfaithful? And by that i mean she could replace the main actor and go down on Diane Lane in a movie theater and eat carpet in the hallway. When is Jennifer going to show it all before it’s too late? After watching that movie she hasn’t lost “it” yet.

More Lindsay, you love her

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I found the video version of Lindsay Lohan posing for GQ magazine. Be honest, would you have sex with Lindsay with the risk of receiving a STD? I’m not going to lie i probably would. I have a feeling Lindsay is a complete freak. I like a girl to go nuts and scare me a little, maybe pull out a knife and threaten to make a sequel to the BME pain Olympics. Anywho lets stop talking about my mutilated penis and enjoy Lindsay trying to seduce the camera

It’s like 2Girls1Cup

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I don’t know who Lyndsy Fonseca is but here she is doing one of those sexy short videos on YouTube. Am i the only one that immediately pictured 2Girls1Cup? Lyndsay has amazing eyes and all, all i’m waiting on her to do is open up her mouth to receive a mouth full of vomit from another chick. See the internet ruins us all. I’ll fap to both videos anyway.