Kim Kardashian is still hiding her big ass

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Not really sure if she’s having trouble covering up her cellulite or if she has just been really cold lately. But one way or another she is desperately seeking for some attention without showing off her massive jiggly ass. Perhaps Kanye just smacked it to hard while screaming ‘you feel me yet?’. Probably not though, that relationships clearly Kanye’s way of trying not to be seen as a gay rapper. He’ll come out eventually.

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Hilary Duff doing whatever Hilary Duff does

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Hilary Duff isn’t exactly known for her fashion. But I must admit, she has lost a lot of weight and looks pretty damn good in comparison to just a few months ago. I don’t want to be hard on her like a lot of these fat bloggers sitting behind their screen bashing everyone for being overweight do. I think her body looks good. Props to her, now stop wearing these bright ass spandex!

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Kate Upton, doing her worst photoshoot ever!!!

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DaFuq? Who in the hell would hire one of the hottest bodies on the planet and cover her up with these horrible outfits? Even hiding her face in most of the pictures? What kind of idiot would do this? Who ever it is, you need to be fired.

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Kat Graham dressed as a hooker walking the streets

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Ummm.. So.. ummm. Yeah? Kat Graham decided to dress up like a hooker today and walk around. I wonder how many guys walked up to her and asked how much? Because this outfit should be banned, unless you’re a hooker. As a celebrity, perhaps she is just itching for paparazzi to snap some photos and the blogs to go wild about how she looked like a hooker. If so, well played Kat Graham. Well played.

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Hanna Hilton has some absolutely beautiful eyes!

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Not really much to say about Hanna Hilton, she’s been one of the hottest chicks around for years now. Some people still have no clue who the hell she is, but if you don’t know. After this gallery, you will be looking it up. There is no doubt about that.

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Christina Hendricks’ Emmy tittytastic show on display

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Damn, Christina Hendricks is one hot ginger, but those tits are top of the line hot! Haven’t seen her nude or anything to verify they aren’t actually being pushed up and are actually small as hell. But she definitely has some thing there in order to be pushed up that big.

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Sara Jean Underwood posting some more bikini pics on twitter

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I’m not sure if I enjoy the fact she is constantly seeking attention now via twitter. Starting to remind of Kim Kardashian minus the sex tape and tv shows, oh and the marrying rich guys and keeping the million dollar gifts. Can’t forget that.

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Sophia Bush makes leggings look sexy

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 Well damn! Sophia Bush’s ass and legs look pretty damn sexy in these tight ass spandex. Can’t say I wouldn’t mind seeing her go ahead and do some yoga stretches in front of me, for a few hours. I won’t stare, I have blind glasses I wear for situations like this. No, its not creepy at all!

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