Winona Ryder looks sick, needs a hamburger fast!

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Ermahgerd! Eat Winona! EAT! You look like you’re one missed meal away from falling over from beingmalnourished. Holy shit, she has really gone down hill. Is she doing a move about a white Ethiopian or something?

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I’m not saying drugs were involved…

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Actress Winona Ryder was was briefly hospitalized after falling ill on a flight to London’s Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, her publicist said.

Mara Buxbaum said the 37-year-old actress was taken to a west London hospital “as a precaution” and had been released.

“She’s fine now,” Buxbaum said. She declined to go into details of Ryder’s illness.

British Airways said a flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow requested priority landing after a female passenger “required medical attention” and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Thank Buddha Winona is alright. You know cause when you feel a little sick it’s normal for a flight to land cause you don’t feel right. So the next time i’m flying and feel like i’m getting a stomach bug i’m getting the plane to land so i can stop at a local store to get some Pepto Bismol, eff ya’ll i don’t wanna feel any discomfort.

Winona steals…again

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Winona went into a Hollywood store, when leaving the store the alarm went off, turns out she didn’t pay for the makeup. Ohhhh snap!

And when she was asked about the make-up, Winona answered: “I don’t know how that happened.”

The store employee added: “We took unpaid items back and she left the store.”

Winona’s publicist at first denied the incident took place. But when told a store employee had confirmed it, said she would check with her again.

Winona’s publicist at first denied it? What’s the point of a publicist anyway? Do they ever speak with their client or do they just deny something as soon as they hear it? I would be a good publicist, no it’s not true Snoop Dogg was caught with weed and Angelina Jolie really loves America.