Victoria Beckham in China for the Land Rover Evoque Launch

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I’ll never understand why people hire this woman to advertise any thing. She seems like she’s always angry. The Range Rover looks pretty badass, her face in every one of the promotional pictures says she couldn’t give a shit about even being there. Not sure why you hire some one with the constant bitch face to sell a product. She needs to have a coke and a smile in her life.

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Wait Corey Haim banged Posh Spice?

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I was reading the famous people that sent condolences to Corey Haim AKA people wanting their name in the news and i found out Victoria Beckham banged Corey for a while? This of course happened before Victoria joined The Spice Girls.

“Victoria hadn’t had any contact with Corey for years, but she was still shocked to learn of his death in such circumstances,” a source tells The Sun.

I find that pretty amazing. I would have sex with Victoria as well, only to be close to David Beckham.

Her ass looks like mine

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Victoria Beckham posed for a new Armani ad half naked. It’s generally not my thing to go after a girl who has an ass identical to mine. That ass is not sexy at all. Really fake boobs, an odd face and a manly ass. Victoria really got it going on. I’d still pick Scary Spice over the rest of them.


Victoria Beckham feels ugly

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I can’t believe i’m gonna say this but i agree with Victoria Beckham on something. Anywho she told some magazine she feels “”really awful naked” with “saggy skin on my stomach.” I wasn’t’ gonna go that far i was just gonna say she looks like a robot with boobs. I totally ripped that from Perez Hilton. On to the pix, here’s Victoria Beckham posing for Armani’s underwear ad. That’s right $2,000 underwear, i’d be rocking those bitches on the outside of my clothes so everybody can see i spent a fortune to keep my junk comfortable, Take that Rescission!

I’m rich just so you know

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What’s better than an overrated celebrity? An overrated celebrity who brags how rich they are. Anywho that one Spice Girl that doesn’t smile bragged how rich her husband they are.

The mum of three says: ‘…we’ve just had some great news from our fragrance business — it’s now worth £109million at retail, and we haven’t even scratched the surface in America with that yet — that’s not including my jeans or sunglasses range.’

Congrats Victoria! Wow all that money you have and you still have cheap porn star looking boobs. Oh well at least you have that awesome singing voice as backup….

Umm ewww?

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Victoria Beckham stated that the reason she stays skinny is because she “shags” all day.

‘Some women ask if I’m so thin because I shag all day,’ Posh, 33, tells OK!

‘And I say, “Actually, yes!”

How is it possible to hit that? Wouldn’t you break a few of her bones just taking her clothes off?

TC gets around the net

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kate.JPG pussycatdolls.jpg
Kate Beckinsale lesbian kiss scene- Vidimag
Pussycat Dolls nude- Link Humper
Victoria Beckham’s whole boob slips out- HO
Christina Ricci nude in Black Snake Moan (NSFW)- Sex Tape Celebs
Christina Aguilera and her big mama boobs- Hollyrude
victoriabeckman.jpg ricci2.jpg

Shocker…Victoria Beckham is a horrible horrible person

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Victoria Beckham being a bitch to Geri Halliwell is what caused the Spice Girls to split.
“She felt Victoria was insensitive towards her isolation. She makes sarcastic comments under her breath to wind Geri up, so it looks like Geri is being unreasonable.

“And she’s constantly going on about David and how lucky she is to have such a great partner, unlike Geri.”

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if David left Victoria, took her kids away and got a restraining order against her? Then Victoria got hooked on drugs and was forced to do late night softcore porn? Anywho, I’d take Geri over Victoria any day of the week. If It’s so important to Geri i’ll volunteer and give her a baby.