Cause it’s the trend

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Like duh dumbass. The new trend is not wearing a bra and showing off the nipples. The nipples are totally accessories now! So what if my boobs sag to my knees by the time I’m 30, me and my pock mark is hot bitches

TC gets around the net

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lindsay-lohan-nip-slip-1.jpg alessandra_ambrosio_halloween2.jpgvanessa-minnillo115011.jpg
Lindsay Lohan nipple slip- Celebrity Beta
Alessandra Ambrosio in slutty Halloween outfit- Drunken Stepfather
Vanessa Minnillo likes the crotch- The Bastardly
shia-lebeouf-mugshot.jpg vstopless.jpgjordanupskirtmain.jpg
Shia LaBeouf arrested- Derek Hail
Victoria Silvstedt topless- True Scandals
Jordan showing you her panties in upskirt- Suave Life
jatopless.jpg sjp-satc.jpgnicole-boob-flash-3.jpg
Jessica Alba topless video- Glamzilla
Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t care she’s ugly- The Blemish
Nicole Scherzinger boob falls out- The Feeding Tube
slutandproud.jpg kate2.jpgkim-kardashian-bikini-photo-shoot2.jpg
She’s a slut and proud of it- Plicks
Sexy Kate- Timekiller
Britney Spears Wants To Have Lusty Lesbian Sex With Kim Kardashian- Holly Rude

Jessica Simpson is a stalker

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Nick Lachey was reportedly so fed of being pestered by ex-wife Jessica Simpson that he has changed his phone number so that she can no longer contact him.

Friends say that Jessica is desperate to get back with Nick – but the recent unwitting star of some XXX-rated snaps is having none of it.

A well-placed source close to Jessica tells OK: “She wants to be the girl that Nick fell in love with again.

“She’s been calling Nick all the time – at one point he had to change his telephone number. She now can’t contact him even if she wants to.”

Nick, meanwhile, says he has well and truly moved on from his Newlyweds day’s and is very happy with MTV VJ, Vanessa Minnillo.

He told OK earlier this month: “It’s good to move on. I think I’ve done that.”

I bet money when the relationship with Vanessa Minnillo is over Nick will be back with Jessica within the month. There is no way a heterosexual man could turn her down.

TC gets around the web

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Eva Longoria ass wears bikini- The Blemish
Ashley Tisdale also in a bikini- Drunken Stepfather
Vanessa Minnillo gets banged in the pool- Yeeeah
Kelly Brooke is so sexy- Weak Game

Vanessa Minnillo has great legs

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It’s good to know you don’t need a personality to work at MTV, do you look halfway decent with small cans? YOUR HIRED!
Vanessa Minnillo great legs2Vanessa Minnillo great legs6Vanessa Minnillo great legs4Vanessa Minnillo great legs3

Vanessa Minnillo wears bikini

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Nick is a lucky son of a bitch
Vanessa Minnillo wears bikini2Vanessa Minnillo wears bikiniVanessa Minnillo wears bikini4

Vanessa Minnillo drops the F bomb on TRL *VIDEO*

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Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party

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Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party6
Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party7Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party2Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party3Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party4Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party5Vanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve PartyVanessa Minnillo MTV New Years Eve Party6