Would you bang this tranny?

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Whatcha think? Tranny’s can just take it too far sometimes when it comes to dressing up. Come on, what’s up with the hair? Soo unrealistic

So attractive

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Doesn’t Tyra Banks just turn you on? The double chins and jolly stomach are a plus.

That’s an insane stalker

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A man charged with stalking Tyra Banks has been ordered to stay away from the talk-show host or face going to jail.

Brady Green, according to a criminal complaint, has followed Banks from coast to coast since January, sent her letters and flowers, and tried to telephone her. Last week he was issued a court order requiring him to leave her alone.

Green, of Dublin, Ga., was arrested when he showed up several times March 18 at the Manhattan building where “The Tyra Banks Show” is taped and asked to speak to her, a misdemeanor complaint filed in Criminal Court says.

Seriously Tyra Banks? That seems crazy, sure stalking is crazy but i mean Tyra Banks? What the hell? Why would you stalk a D-list celebrity? I’m gonna start stalking Carlton from Fresh Price Of Bel-Air, at least he had an awesome dance.

She’s no model anymore

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OMG guys do you see how Tyra’s shirt strap is down and she’s showing her bra? That’s soooo hot, i’m really turned on by that. In related news I’m working on creating a crazy religion about fighting celebrities that are actually aliens, so far i’ve only found two, those two of course being Rihanna and Tyra banks. The way you protect yourself is by paying me the low low price of $599.99 a month and i guarantee you these scary alien celebrities will not invade your home. Call now and we’ll give you two months of protection for only 399.99!

What the hell

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Can somebody please tell Tyra Banks that she is not a Supermodel (model either) anymore? These pix are not in any way sexy or artful. I guarantee if you put the first picture in a jail cell with a terrorist he would tell us where Bin Laden is. See Tyra your freaky face saved America.

OOps Tyra crapped her pants

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Gawker is reporting that overweight TV host Tyra Banks had a little accident in her pants during Fashion week.
Maybe if fatty didn’t eat so much Taco Bell things like this wouldn’t happen. Think Tyra think

She really needs the ratings

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Fatty TV host and former Supermodel Tyra Banks did what she always does when the ratings need a boost, takes her clothes off! Please can her ratings stay up so we don’t ever have to see this again? Click the image to see the footage (you are very brave for clicking)

Fatty and her boobs

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Obese former Supermodel Tyra Banks showed off her rather large figure recently. I remember the good ol’ days when i seen her in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition and i was like damn this biatch is fine! Now I’m like Damn this bitch needs Jenny Craig ASAP