Video Tupac Shakur Resurrected to Perform at Coechella with Snoop Dogg

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Ok, he wasn’t actually resurrected from the dead! But he did have one amazing show performance, as a hologram along with Snoop Dogg. The hologram its self is absolutely incredible, very real and lifelike. Perhaps this will be the new way to resurrect those who have fallen, for some much needed concert sales for some of these record labels.

Me show vagina for $5 dolla

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Ever since she got a little fame Tila Tequila hasn’t gone nude or done softcore porn like she use too. I guess being a slut on tv pays more than being a slut in magazines. And please tell me rapper Lil’ Wayne didn’t say “MEH” about Tupac? What’s next a ringtone rapper going after Biggie?

They shot Tupack!

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Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur in 1994 accused P Diddy and late rapper Notorious B.I.G of setting him up to be shot in 1994, the news coming out 14 later years later is Tupac was indeed correct.
“They were advised in advance of what was going to happen,” Philips told MTV News on Saturday. “They did not know the assailants were going to be shooting. In fact, [the assailants] were told no shooting. But Tupac pulled a gun, and it went haywire. It was supposed to be a severe beating.”
See how much of a thug Diddy is? He doesn’t go up to your face and beat you down, he pays somebody to do it and sits upstairs waiting. Below is the song that made Diddy cry like a little biatch. We miss you Pac!

Tupac & Biggie Feat…Britney?

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I was surfing YouTube and found a pretty cool mix with Tupac and Notorious B.I.G thrown in with Britney Spears’ song Gimme More. Whoever did this did an awesome job.

Elvis still making that dough

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Reclaiming his top spot on the list is Elvis Presley, whose estate generated $49 million in the past year.
Newcomers to the Dead Celebrities list include “King of Cool” Steve McQueen ($6 million) and the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown ($5 million). Rapper Tupac Shakur rejoins the list with $9 million — he debuted back in 2002, before falling off — following the sale of catalog rights in May for upward of $5 million. Over a decade after his unsolved 1996 murder in a drive-by shooting, Tupac remains a hot commercial property. Said to be in development are a Tupac biopic, videogame and — gasp! — Broadway show.
A Tupac Broadway show? That’s something i would pay to see maybe

Rapper Tupac’s statue vandalized and noose tied around neck

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Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur’s statue located at the The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation in Stone Mountain, Georgia was vandalized along with other property.
The first incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday, October 20th, when vandals defaced the building as well as tying a noose around the neck of the bronze statue of Tupac Shakur (2Pac) located in the Center’s Peace Garden. The attacks are being investigated as hate crimes by the De Kalb County Sheriff’s Office. The second incident occurred at the Center at 2:00AM Monday morning when the statue was damaged further. A male has been arrested and is currently being held in custody.
What is up with all these freckin’ noose’s lately? Two of them have been found near where the World Trade Center once stood. Another one on a professor’s office door. I think this story pissed me off the most cause i’m a huge Tupac fan. It’s good to know that all of these rappers that “love” and respect Pac will get together and do something for his mom and the foundation. NOT.

Tupac’s mom’s house burned down

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The home of late hip hop star Tupac Shakur’s mother has burned down. The Robeson County, North Carolina house caught fire at around 7pm on Friday and has been declared a “total loss” by authorities.
Three fire crews were required to extinguish the blaze on the 56-acre farm. Afeni Shakur was not home at the time of the incident, nor were there any injuries, reports 
Keep ya head up mama Shakur.
If you can make it thru the night, theres a brighter day
Everything will be alright if ya hold on
It’s a struggle every day, got a roll on
And there’s no way i could pay ya back
But my plan is to show you that i understand
You are appreciated- Tupac