Trish Stratus working out, nuff said

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You sure as hell don’t need any more reason to check out these photos other then knowing its Trish Stratus in skimpy clothes, sweaty, and looking bodacious. If you do, you may want to check your sexuality at the door. Then again, Trish Stratus could turn a flaming gay dude straight as an arrow.

Trish Stratus is sexier than ever

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Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus has been out of the spotlight for a few years now and i was starting to wonder if she let herself go or not, well she didn’t! Anywho Trish appeared on CTV News to read the weather and promote something and WOW she is a brunette now and hotter than ever! Now i remember why i love brunettes hot damnit!

TC gets around the net

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betty-03.jpg bs5.jpgpenelope_cruz_cousin_tits.jpg
Betty’s nice ass- Bullz Eye
Britney Spears in her underwear- IDLYIDW
Penelope Cruz cousin gets topless (NSFW)- Drunken Stepfather
Carmen Electra huge boobs- The Bastardly
Paris Hilton does dumb things when she’s drunk- The Blemish
Emmy Rossum upskirt- Taxi Driver Movie
carmen-electra-09090701.jpg paris-hilton-fence.jpgemmy_rossum_upskirt_0918.jpg
Jessica Simpson as a pussycat doll- Rich And Brainless
Trish Stratus topless with another hottie- Weak Game
Adriana Lima looking not ugly- Vidi Mag
jessica_simpson_002.jpg trish.jpglima.jpg
OJ Simpson’s current girlfriend- I Served You