Traci Bingham still hasn’t learned

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I’m starting to think Traci Bingham isn’t ever going to learn to pose like a respectable woman. This isn’t some fancy photo shoot, this is Traci leaving a local TV news studio (not kidding.)

Traci still hasn’t learned

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We gave Traci Bingham a little time hoping she would maybe learn how to pose in public lady like without turning the whore switch on. With fake cans like that i think your legally obligated to pose like a porn star.

Traci is getting there

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Traci Bingham sure has improved her posing since yesterday, as you can tell from these pix she isn’t bending over begging for a pounding in public. Now she’s only rubbing her boobs for the camera. You go girl!

This is her only pose

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Somebody really needs to help Traci Bingham with learning a different pose. What about the boring Miley Cyrus peace sign? Or the Britney Spears’ legs open vag smile? Come on Traci you can do better.

Just do porn too

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Former Baywatch whore Traci Bingham host her own tv show called “American Sex Symbol.” Judging by these pix of her playing around with another whore she is pretty close. Keep reading for the rest of the slutty pix.

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Two Z-listers are knocking uglies

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Omg guys Kevin Federline was totally seen dancing with Traci Bingham at the Vice nightclub (pay me for mentioning you now) in Hollywood. FemaleFirst drops it like it’s hot (people still say that right?)

An onlooker tells me that Federline, 29, has not only been hanging out at the bash with Hugh Hefner, but heís also been looking rather cozy with 39-year-old Baywatch pinup Traci Bingham.Federline and Bingham were just doing some bumping and grinding on the dancefloor to hip-hop star Mims’ “This is Why I’m Hot.”

Nothing strange about this story. Don’t stare at the above picture for to long, her eyes are starting to freak me out.