Would i have to switch Religions?

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I’m really amazed that Katie Holmes still looks this good and it doesn’t look like the cover was overly airbrushed. Wouldn’t it be something if Tom Cruise wasn’t crazy after all and was only a passionate person? Lolz only kidding that guy is nuttier than a fruitcake. Normally i like the “different” people but when your Founder is a science fiction writer that believes Xenu brought billions of his people to Earth in a spaceship, stacked them around volcanoes and killed them using bombs i tend to scratch my head. Anywho’z doesn’t she look like she enjoys a nice facial? No i meant porno facial.

Tom Cruise wanted to kick some Hitler ass

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With promoting his new movie Tom Cruise stated he grew up wanting to kill Hitler. I had the same thoughts when watching Lions for Lambs.

He says, “I always wanted to kill Hitler; I hated him. As a child studying history and looking at documents, I wondered, why didn’t someone try and stop it?

“When I read the script, it was entertaining and informative to know what the challenges were and what it was like to be in the environment.”

How brave is Tom Cruise? Are you considered a hero for wanting to kill a evil person? Don’t call me a hero just cause i want to kill Bin Laden, any rational person would do the same thing

Oh Snap! Kidman talks shiite about Mr. Holmes

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Z-list actress Nicole Kidman described her marriage with Tom Cruise as Lousy and lonely, well you did marry Tom Cruise, you thought he really wanted to bang that every night or even ever?

‘I went six years alone. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but it’s better to be alone than in a lousy relationship’, said the new mum.

‘Work was my escape. I was existing more strongly in my creative world than in my own world.’

That’s messed up when your in a marriage and your wife would rather work then be with you, i have heard about gay men who try to make themselves straight by forcing themselves on women. I’m not saying that’s what Tom is doing, cause i don’t wanna get sued for saying such a crazy and untrue thing, wink wink.

It’s gonna bomb Hitler style

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The fortunes of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise have suffered a blow with the news that his next big film has been postponed until 2009.

The release of Valkyrie, which tells the story of the 1944 assassination plot against Hitler, was first postponed from this summer to the autumn and is now not expected to appear until next year.

“We were originally expecting the film to be released in June,” said a senior executive at one of Britain’s leading cinema chains.

Ahhh you mean i gotta wait longer to see Tom Cruise as a nazi? Son of a bitch! I guess i gotta watch his personal life, it’s just as entertaining.

Scientologists stick together

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Hollywood freak couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are throwing a party for Jennifer Lopez to congratulate her on becoming a new mom. The after-party includes a hairy man on man orgy, the participants include Tom Cruise, John Travolta and just added Will Smith!
Tom and Katie are so pleased for Jennifer and Marc, they have offered to throw their newborns a party in two weeks’ time,’ says a source.

Tom, 45, and Katie, 28, have roped in their showbiz pals to organise the event.

Victoria Beckham, 33, husband David Beckham, 32, Eva Longoria, 32, and John Travolta, 54, will all be doing their bit. 

As you all know I’m a devoted Scientologist and i would love to be apart of the man on man orgy but i’m in the process of finishing my bunker. Xenu ain’t gunna git me!

Tom MAD!

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Tom Cruise is not a happy camper because his new film ”Lions for Lambs” did not place in the top three at the box office over the weekend.
“Tom is not happy,” says a source close to the actor. “Lions,” Cruise’s first release since “Mission Impossible: III,” is also the first film to come from Cruise and Paula Wagner’s United Artists studio.
Unconfirmed sources never told Tastefulcelebs that after hearing his new bombed Tom Cruise went home to Katie Holmes and banged the hell out of her because he is a straight manly guy.

Tom Cruise isn’t that crazy is he?

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Devout Scientologist Tom Cruise plans to build a $10 million bunker under his Telluride, Colorado, mansion, a source tells Star! Equipped with a high tech air-purifying system, “it’s a self-contained underground system where up to 10 people can survice for years.” Apparently, Scientologists believe that the evil deposed galatic [sic] ruler Xenu is set to attack Earth, and they’ll need a safe place to survive.
That picture has nothing to do with the story, i just thought it was funny.

TC gets around the net

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tc-german.jpg guessbooty.jpgmm.jpg
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Guess the celebrity booty- Celeb Parasite
Michelle Marsh huge boobs- Weak Game
The name is Selita Ebanks- The Bastardly
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