I love this girl, i really do

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I really do love Tila Tequila and I’m not saying that in a weird ironic way. I go onto her Ustream once every few days to see if she added a new video. She’s so whore-ish and i love it. She’s keeping the Hollywood scene interesting and more importantly keeping my right hand busy as i type this. The implant scar is a little turn-off though.

What’s the latest with Tila?

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Anybody have any idea what’s the latest with Tila Tequila? I know the last thing i heard from her was she had a miscarriage which i called months ago, I’m not saying I’m a psychic I just know crazy women. You know you’ve seen it all when a girl saves your semen hoping to get herself pregnant. Hmmm i miss that crazy whore, too bad she died of aids. I’m immune to Aids or at least that’s what i tell girls after i tell them i love em’ and want to spend my life with them.


Oh Tila

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Tila Tequila made an appearance at a strip club getting rained on by $1 bills. Watching Tila stripping makes me wonder why isn’t there any rich strippers? Good looking strippers can make like $500 a night, that’s something that i always wondered about. Anywho keep reading because there’s like 15+ pix below with Tila popping her boobs out and all that jazz.

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Your ugly and your mom should have aborted you

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I’m not talking about Tila Tequila, I’m talking about you…Kidding I love you. Did anyone hear Tila on Howard Stern yesterday? Jesus Christ getting shanked on the cross that was a horrible interview in every way possible. So she’s no longer pregnant anymore? What’s next? My money is on her pulling an Anne Heche and trying to get the people together to board the spaceship.

I shop the same way

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Here’s some new pix of Tila Tequila going shopping. Call Tila a whore all you want but take this girl to the grocery store and you’ll have a blast. I think she’s the kind of girl that’s cool to be friends with and will blow you for the LOLz.


What a sad human being

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I saw that Tila Tequila added a new video on her Ustream. I was ready to do my usually ritual of touching myself while she shows us her nipples on accident 15 times until she started showing off her “pregnant” belly. How sad is this friggin’ video? Sure she shows boobs and even takes off her panties…Wow how sad. What a damaged person. It took me about 2 hours but i finally skeeted to the video. I feel ashamed and along with Tila i need to get professional help. Who thinks she’s really pregnant? After watching this video I’m a little freaked out.

If music wasn’t bad enough

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Tila Tequila is launching her own record label guys!

Tila Tequila has revealed that she is launching a record label and management company.

The reality TV star has confirmed the launch of Little Miss Trendsetter Management LLC and Tila Tequila Records.

According to All Hip Hop, the first artist signed to the reality star’s record label is former B2K member Raz B.

Tequila wrote on her Global Grind blog: “The reason why I am doing all this is to prepare for when my baby comes I did this ALL FOR MY CHILDREN AND NOT FOR MYSELF (sic).

I really hope Tila isn’t putting her own money in this, i would joke and say she doesn’t have any money but you know those photoshoots bring in some decent money. Now she has a kid on the way, don’t do it Tila! I have a heart sometimes…Now leak that full sex tape you overrated whore!

Wow such a bad person

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Ok first we knew the whole Tila Tequila & Casey Johnson engagement was BS and as the world knows Casey Johnson died a few weeks ago. Tila was totally in love with her “wife” and everything! Well Casey died a few weeks ago and Tila has some news….She’s pregnant!!!

Tequila, who was engaged to the late heiress Casey Johnson, posted on Twitter that she is expecting the child of a war hero.

“I am very happy, despite the loss of my Wife,” she wrote. “But she told me not to let that stress me anymore. she told me I dont have to stand up 4 her. I have a baby growing inside of me now, & that is my new happiness in life. Happiness is something hard to find, but then again. not really.”

OMG hell is patiently waiting. Does this moron not realize while she was “engaged” she was banging an American Soldier? Maybe the vag is so loose she didn’t notice.