Tiffani Thiessen still looks pretty damn good

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Damn. I haven’t seenTiffani Thiessen since Melrose Place. That was her right? Or was it some other show that slipped my mind? Eh, who cares. Either way, she still looks pretty cute in that MILF sort of way. Not much needs to be said, except the facial expressions don’t really help my MILF statement much. But I am trying to look past that.

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Zack Morris must be pissed

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What in the hell happened to Kelly Kapowski? I can’t tell you how many times growing up i wanted to get in those cheerleading panties, welp thank goodness for reruns. In the meantime i’ll just pray she was having a rough day.

Tiffani Thiessen is back on TV

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tiffani-thiessen3.jpgTiffani Thiessen has joined the cast of “What About Brian,” ABC’s ensemble drama about a group of supportive friends in various stages of romantic relationships,

The “Beverly Hills, 90210″ veteran will play Natasha Dylan, a former intern of Dave’s (Rick Gomez) who becomes his new boss at KC Gaming.

Sexy, manipulative and a shrewd businesswoman, Natasha loves playing mind games with all the friends, especially Brian (Barry Watson) and Adam (Matthew Davis), and uses her attractiveness, smarts and charm to get what she wants.

Tiffani Thiessen looks great

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