T.I.P going to prison for a year

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Rapper T.I was sentenced to a year and a day in prison today for felony weapons charges.

A Northern Georgia District judge sentenced T.I. to one year and one day in prison on Friday (March 27) for felony weapons charges stemming from his October 2007 arrest on the eve of the BET Hip-Hop Awards, calling the rapper’s plea deal “experimental” but a phenomenal success.

Judge Charles Pannell Jr. told the rapper he had more than exceeded the court’s expectations, and he hoped his case would inspire similar plea deals.

“I’m resistant to the lockup mentality,” Judge Pannell told the courtroom. “I hope this sentencing leads to other experiments that will protect the community and show a respect for the law.”

I’m confused by T.I when i hear him in interviews talking about doing a year in prison, he doesn’t seem scared at all and actually looking forward to it. I would be crying scared to death begging Obama for some help! Swagga Like Us! That was me Obama! Help a rappa out!

T.I. is lucky

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Rapper T.I. pleaded guilty Thursday to federal weapons possession charges, and will receive a sentence that includes prison time after he completes a period of community service.

He will be sentenced to serve about 12 months in prison after completing the community service, officials said. His prison time could be increased or reduced, depending on his fulfillment of the terms of the deal and good behavior, they said.

He will only serve 12 months in prison. He’s so lucky he didn’t have to serve 10 years like it was rumored.