Conan talks about the fall

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Conan O’ Brien spoke out about the the nasty fall he had last week that caused his show to be called off Friday. Thank goodness Conan is alright. If i can’t be in the Cone Zone every night then what’s the point of life? Keep cool my babies!

ABC is getting really Desperate (hehe?)

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ABC has responded to the reports that there will be lesbian action between Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher stating:

Anything is kind of possible right now. You’ve got ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ basically becoming one two-hour show (with Feb. 12′s crossover episode), the longest ‘Dancing With the Stars’ tease ever. I don’t think a kiss between Eva and Teri’s characters could be ruled out, especially if it keeps people interested in the show.”

How gross is that? Ok the ratings are low! You two whores start making out, people are starting to realize our show sucks! Can ABC respond to the rumor i just started about Eva Longoria accidentally tripping in a future episode and being penetrated by the horse they just won in a wacky fundraiser?

TC gets around the net

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The Uncensored Britney Spears video- Celebrity Beta
Kim Kardashian Whoring A Red Carpet Up- Dirty Rotten Whore
Boobs is all the motivation you need- Plicks
Britney Spears showing off her rack- SuaveLife
Ashlee Simpson, no comment- Yeeeah
Jennifer Love Hewitt has big boobs- The Blemish
britneyblack.jpg jessica-simpson-4.jpgjennifer-love-hewitt-boobs.jpg
Meagan Good in a sexy outfit- The Bastardly
Rihanna big cleavage- Weak Game
Keeley Hazell 08′ Calendar- Celeb Parasite
meagan-good10120601.jpg r.jpgkeeley-main.jpg
Teri Hatcher takes it off to jog- Rich And Brainless
Jenny McCarthy naked in just paint- True Scandals
th.jpg jenny_mccarthy005.jpg

Eva Longoria likes choking Teri Hatcher

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If i said i never thought about doing that to either one of them i would be lying, Eva looks like a freckin’ horse and words aren’t needed for Teri. I better stop talking shit about Eva or her husband will rap about me in French.
Eva Longoria likes choking Teri HatcherEva Longoria likes choking Teri Hatcher3

Hatcher denies botox

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orig_teri_hatcher_and_nicolette_sheridan_kissing04.jpgDespite rumors to the contrary, “Desperate Housewives” actress Teri Hatcher says she doesn’t use Botox.

“I don’t use Botox or Restylane, and I’ve never had any surgery, no matter what you’ve read,” Hatcher said in the March issue of the British edition of Glamour.

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Teri Hatcher 07′ Golden Globe Awards

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Teri Hatcher 07   Golden Globe Awards2

Teri Hatcher looks good far away

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Up close not so much
Teri Hatcher looks good far away2Teri Hatcher looks good far away4Teri Hatcher looks good far away3Teri Hatcher looks good far away6Teri Hatcher looks good far away5Teri Hatcher looks good far away7

Teri Hatcher lowcut black dress

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Teri Hatcher black dress04
Teri Hatcher black dress03Teri Hatcher black dress02Teri Hatcher black dress Teri Hatcher black dress05Teri Hatcher black dress06