Could you date a porn star?

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So could you? That question gets asked alot when watching porn with my friends, what you think it’s weird watching porn with your friends? Somebody isn’t comfortable with their sexuality. We have a thing called squirt-out Wednesdays, every Wednesday you bring a porn. I did learn that Tranny’s can be very convincing, one of my friends swears he never watched that scene. Anywho could you date or marry a porn star? When she comes home smelling like dong and semen? Love makes you do crazy things homie! I just don’t think i’ll be snowballing anytime soon. Here’s some new pix of married porn star Tera Patrick.

When bad tattoos happen to porn stars

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Porn star Tera Patrick showed off her new tattoo. Unless your Kat Von D (Weird attraction i have to her) it’s so unattractive for a woman to be tatted down. And what is the deal (my Seinfeld impression) with porn stars getting tattoos? That’s not hot!

Tera Patrick is a porn star for Halloween

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I wonder if Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson or Mary Carey ever get tired of showing off and being just plain whorish in public. It’s like a comedian, you expect to see Jim Carey to be funny in front of the camera. Flash dem boobies whore.