Tara Reid should be banned from wearing bikinis

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Holy shit, what happened to Tara Reid? Did she fly to some third world country for full body plastic surgery or is her skin really that bad? It looks like she’s had a body replacement from a 80yr old women who didn’t take very good care of her body all her life. Eh, this is just disgustingly nasty looking. Her stomach is… eh… just nasty.

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TC no longer has stomach fetish

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My stomach fetish is well known to readers on this site, it drives me effin’ crazy! There is nothing sexier on a chick to me. When i see Tara Reid i start to see how creepy that fetish can be, ladies this is why lipo is horrible for you. Keep away from lipo and get your lazy ass down on the floor and do some crunches. I know my fans are sexy so email me your girlfriends stomach pix cause i need something to fap to today and i’ll even post them, see i’m cool like that. DrunkenStepFather isn’t the only one that can make your bitch famous.

Great way to hide the deformed stomach

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It doesn’t at all look ridiculous. See what you get when you get surgery you don’t even need? A Effed up stomach, good news is she could get into a horror movie without even auditioning.

Can’t figure out why she’s a z-lister

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I can’t believe sometimes that this was the pretty flat-chested blonde from American Pie, i bet she calls the director constantly asking him to make another one so she can get a paycheck, that hookers ball check didn’t last very long.
cant-figure-out-why-shes-a-z-lister2.jpg cant-figure-out-why-shes-a-z-lister.jpg

Need more beer!

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If your starting to wonder Tara Reid’s age it’s 32. Yup she’s in her early 30′s and looking in her mid 40′s. You can’t help but to laugh at the top picture, get this girl some help!

Will take it from behind for beer

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And not that cheap beer either! Ok fine the cheap beer will work but i wont do any of that freaky stuff! Ok i will but please tell me you love me afterwards, ok you don’t have to tell me you love me just leave a 12 pack behind.
will-take-it-from-behind-for-beer.jpg will-take-it-from-behind-for-beer4.jpgwill-take-it-from-behind-for-beer3.jpgwill-take-it-from-behind-for-beer2.jpg

Cause she is perfect

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Former actress and Hollywood whore lashed out against the other whores in Hollywood Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

She says:”What have I ever really done? Dance on a table? When Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton got their DUIs (drinking under the influence arrests) they got punished, they deserved it.

“But my punishment, I don’t feel like it fits the crime. I don’t understand why people punish others for being happy.”

I hate when “Hollywood” people say stuff like people don’t want Britney Spears to be happy. That is not true. It would be awesome for her to find a man that loves her and doesn’t try to make money off of her. Then maybe she could keep her clothes on for once. Why am i talking about Britney in a Tara Reid post? Cause she’s irrelevant.

Drunk again

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So sad look at those eyes. Getting drunk on a Monday night, well the good news is Tara has nothing to do today (or the next month/year) so she can enjoy the morning hangover and many more to come.