Shocker: Star Jones had gastric bypass surgery

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Star Jones skirted questions about her dramatic weight loss for years, saying only that she had undergone a medical intervention. That intervention, it turns out, was gastric bypass surgery.

Reynolds, 45, says she was “intentionally evasive” when people asked how she’d dropped 160 pounds in three years. She had gastric bypass surgery in August 2003.

She writes about her weight loss in a first-person essay in the September issue of Glamour magazine, on newsstands Aug. 7.

You mean all that weight she lost wasn’t due to hard workouts and a strict diet? Well i am in complete utter shock. *End Scene*

Star Jones to talk about weight loss

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Star Jones says she will address speculation about her dramatic weight loss in a story for Glamour magazine.

“I wrote an article because I really wanted to go as in-depth as possible about the way I’ve changed physically over the last 10 years on the air,” Reynolds, 45, said recently while promoting her new Court TV (soon to be truTV) talk show. “And I thought that that would be the most effective way to answer everybody’s questions.”

Her article, “Getting Over Myself,” will be featured in the September issue, on newsstands Aug. 7, a representative for Glamour said Monday.

You want the truth without spending money on a magazine? Gastric bypass surgery, the end.

Star Jones is coming back to TV

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Star Jones has landed a deal with “Court TV” to host a show on Celebrity legal issues. The Celebrity Justice ripoff show will debut this fall. All these celebrity shows suck except for Best Week Ever. “Why is Lindsay Lohan pumping gas? We’ll tell you next on The Insider.”
  • Court TV said Wednesday it had hired Reynolds to run a show about criminal justice issues that intersect with the pop culture world. The show, which has no title yet, will likely start early this fall.
  • It’s a return to her roots for Reynolds, a lawyer who began her TV career as a legal commentator on Court TV in 1991. She was an original co-host with ABC’s “The View,” starting in 1997, where she became acquainted with the glitz and glamour of show biz.
  • “This is the perfect time in our culture to see how the law, politics and entertainment come together,” Reynolds told The Associated Press. “Some people say it has been on a collision. I say it has been connected.”