Sophie Monk can definitely pull off the sexy girl next door look

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Did you really think all the girls in Hollywood were hot even in regular clothing without make up? Well what kind of crack are you smoking? because most of them look like shit with out all that make up and extra little additions. Sophie Monk is definitely not one of those chicks, she’s actually really cute in regular clothes. She also doesn’t mind proving it.

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What’evs. They aren’t that big

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Actress Sophie Monk spoke out about her breasts saying she hates them because they’re too big. Whatever, that’s too big?….Really?

Monk told Grazia magazine: “I have big boobs which I hate. They are so annoying. I wish they were smaller.

“[Skinny is] not an attractive look, clothes hang off you. I prefer to have a little bit of curve; that definitely looks better. My legs are long but my body is too short.

“Then you know what? I look at myself and think, ‘Well it’s got me this far. I can’t look too bad’!”

I don’t know what her bra size is, I’m just going by her being naked in Sex & Death 101 (NSFW clicky!) They aren’t that big seriously.

Boobs! It’s a slow day

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Here’s some screen shots of Sophie Monk’s new topless scene in her new movie The Hills Run Red (plug plug.) What else do you want? More news about Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan? Hell naw you want some boobies. You welcome, remember your keyboard doesn’t react well to stickiness.

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The lips are too much

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Look at Sophie Monk’s lips. I usually love bigger lips on women but it just seems weird on her.