Simon Cowell can wipe with thousands

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Simon Cowell is bringing X Factor to the United States…For $500 million.

The music mogul’s new two-year contract with the entertainment giants will see him rake in the staggering sum – expected to tip his fortunes close to the $1 billion mark – as he launches Syco TV to produce and sell the formats for his ‘X Factor’ and ‘… Got Talent’ franchises.

Simon – who also heads up record label Syco and is expected to sign a new £10 million deal with UK TV network ITV – said: “I have had a fantastic relationship with Sony for many years and I’m delighted we are launching this venture together.”

$500 million?!?! What the eff does a person do with that kind of money? I have a fascination with paying people to do dumb stuff but with $500 million imagine the stuff people would do. I’d be going from “Eat this for $30″ to “Britney here’s $5 million, you and Olivia Munn unbutton my pants and get started.”

Simon is a good person

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Former American Idol star Fantasia Barrino has music mogul Simon Cowell to thank for saving her North Carolina home from foreclosure – after he reportedly helped to pay off some of her debts.

A source tells the tabloid, “Very quietly, Simon promised to help Fantasia take care of some of the back payments she owed so the house wouldn’t go on the block. His offer of monetary support helped her stave off the creditors, at least for the time being. Simon didn’t want to take any credit for it, he just wanted to help her out of a jam. He was hoping to keep his good deed a secret. He didn’t want to cause Fantasia any further public embarrassment.”

I knew the whole rudeness was an act. Next time i see Simon i’m going to attack him!…With hugs and tickles!

Cause they are just like us

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You thought celebrities never thought about suicide as a kid? Well your not the only one who thought about jumping off a bridge cause your life sucks. Fast forward to now Simon Cowell is a billionaire.

Simon Cowell has revealed that he thought about killing himself when he was young.

He told “I was always bored and didn’t like rules or discipline. So when someone said to me, ‘These are the best days of your life,’ I actually thought about jumping off a bridge.”

The X Factor judge added: “It was like, ‘If it gets any worse than this I’m done,’ as I hated school and I hated my life.”

Tell me about it, the only difference between me and Simon is i’m not a vagina and i actually did jump off the bridge. Sucks it was only 10 feet off the ground with 3 feet of water. Kids don’t jump off bridges, you’ll only have broken ankles for 3 months and your life will still suck.

Simon turned down Viagra deal and disses Longoria

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One of my hero’s Simon Cowell told OK! Magazine that he turned down a $2 million dollar deal to be a spokesman for Viagra. Oh yeah and he dissed Eva “mini skank” Longoria.

The millionaire music producer said he was “insulted” by the request to advertise the erectile dysfunction drug.

“That girl has got a very, very sexy face – it’s naughty. And I like (Desperate Housewives star) Eva Longoria, but then I met her and she wasn’t what I was expecting.”

I like Simon cause he knows Hollywood is B.S and full of fake people. And about Eva, she is alot different in person, when i seen her on the street i thought it was rude that somebody would leave a rough looking mini yard statue on a busy street.