Sheryl Crow has a Brain Tumor

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A while ago I joked that Sheryl Crow must have a brain tumor in order to say some of the rediculous claims she has made over the years. Like using one ply of toilet paper to wipe your ass after dropping a duece. Amonst other liberal claims she has made, well… sadly it turns our I was right. She actually does have a brain tumor. All jokes aside. I feel sorry for her and hope she makes it through these hard times.

Sheryl Crow joins the adopt trend

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Sheryl Crow is the latest celebrity to adopt a child.
The 45-year-old singer has adopted a 2-week boy, she announced on her website.

The child was given the first name Wyatt, after Crow’s father, and the middle name Steven, after both her younger brother Steven Crow and manager Steven ‘Scooter’ Weintraub.

That’s awesome, i hope Sheryl doesn’t make that kid use just one square of toilet paper. Wyatt would wanna go back.