I have a massive Migraine

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I woke up a few hours ago with a massive migraine, like you know those headaches where it feels like somebody is beating you in the back of the head with a baseball bat? Yes those types. Anywho while holding my head i was looking to touch myself and maybe ease the pain so i found some new bikini pictures of Shauna Sand and needless to say not only has my headache gotten worse but I think I’m turned off to all women now. Why would a woman do such things to her body? Wasn’t Shauna considered a super hot piece of of ace at some point? Sure I’m sure she was considered hot in 1992 when i was 6 years old. You gotta admit her oral scene at the end of her sex tape was super hot. She swallows so at least she has something going for her.

So she’s a porn star now?

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Here’s Shauna Sand promoting her new sex tape that is actually sort of decent (not really?) So is she a full time porn star now? If so how much does she charge? I’m pretty surprised she takes it to the face and all that jazz. The Sex tape is very funny to me, the dude speaks poor English and she’s like “Huh” alot. I wont even bring up her vagina that looks like somebody detonated a m80 inside it.

New Sex Tape fail

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So Shauna Sand has a new sex tape out and judging by the screen shots it looks really staged and not in the good way like the Amy Fischer sex tape. Why oh why do these whores keep on insisting doing these sort of things? Isn’t going out almost completely naked to the clubs enough for these people? It’s insulting to me to even have to talk about this sort of “news.” It’s like Hello Sex Tapes is so 2007! Do something to keep our attention like get busted banging your brother or something, shock us for Guantanamo Bay’s sake.

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Attention whore

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Shauna Sand was caught with her boyfriend on the beach topless having some fun. God please don’t tell me this is serious and it’s actually them doing some sort of photo shoot. Attention whores are the most annoying people on the planet, they need everybody watching them at all times. What i like to do when i see one of these people is ignoring them to see how far they’ll go for attention. They will finally either stop or blow the nearest penis.

Uncensored pix after the jump homo

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Holy shiite she scared the crap outta me

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Vanessa Hudgens flashing her thong

Lindsay Lohan new topless pix

Every celebrity Sex Tape…ever (NSFW)

Sexiest Newscaster Melissa Theuriau Topless

Rapper Eve sex tape (NSFW)

Kim Kardashian posing for her new calendar

Fergie is almost nude

Christina Aguilera flashing the camera

Shauna Sand was caught in a upskirt moment. I’m sure this is a nightly thing for her and seeing how i have no idea who she is i could care less if she joins Paris Hilton in the weekly gangbang the homeless event they do. I don’t know about you but that’s all the motivation i need not to be homeless.

I didn’t know it was see through?

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It’s a black tiny dress how would Shauna Sand possiblily know it’s see through? Now i have no idea who Shauna Sand is, i just know she sometimes goes out in whorish outfits like this and she’s famous? I don’t feel like checking so i’ll assume she has A2M herself to fame.