Sharon Stone still thinks showing off her skin is sexy

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WTF is Sharon Stones old ass thinking? We already know if you take that massive amount of make up off her wrinkly old face it would show the truth. I can’t think of any one i’ve ever met that really wants to see her old wrinkly body. Sure, she’s botoxed every inch of herself and her skin probably isn’t skin any more, its probably more like snake skin.

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Ewww a raisin

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Great pix of sexy celebs- Humor Pass

Z-list celebrity Mischa Barton goes topless- Sex Tape Celebs

Jessica Simpson really likes her boobs, that makes two of us- Time Killer

The first celebrity whore to make vag flashing popular is back at it. This time she is wearing panties thank you Budda or L. Ron Hubbard. For the uncensored click the above pic or keep reading more for the rest.

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Sharon Stone is 49 and still showing off

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Sharon Stone is 49 years old, she did look pretty hot in that crappy movie Basic Instinct 2. But you have to retire the cleavage sometime before it gets gross.
Sharon Stone is 49 and still showing off2

Sharon Stone doesn’t have it anymore

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I don’t know what’s more annoying old people trying to be sexy or assholes on other websites stealing my posts and bandwidth pretending to be theirs. For the sake of this post made by ME (TASTEFULCELEBS) I’ll say old whores like Sharon Stone. Imagine what that tang looks like now, speaking of old tang Sharon and Kim Cattrall should do a movie version of “The Golden Girls.” I for one wouldn’t watch it.
Sharon Stone doesn  t have it anymoreSharon Stone doesn  t have it anymore4Sharon Stone doesn  t have it anymore3Sharon Stone doesn  t have it anymore6Sharon Stone doesn  t have it anymore5

Sharon Stone is old and horny

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Thats a disgusting combination. Grandma Stone would go down on a random cack for the hell of it.
sharon-stone-is-old-and-horny.jpgSharon Stone is old and horny4Sharon Stone is old and horny3Sharon Stone is old and horny2Sharon Stone is old and horny6Sharon Stone is old and horny5

Sharon Stone is old

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Ewww i swear if she has a “upskirt” while getting out of her car there will be a Jim Jones style mass suicide right there in the parking lot.
Sharon Stone is old3Sharon Stone is old2Sharon Stone is old

Sharon Stone drunk or high on video

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What the hell is wrong with Sharon Stone and who would pay Sharon to speak. Sharon is shown on video hushing the crowd calling them “Naughty nasty little germans” Calling people “naughty” was sexy 15 years ago but “nasty little germans” doesn’t exactly work.

Beyonce and Sharon Stone together

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Beyonce and Sharon Stone together05Beyonce and Sharon Stone together04Beyonce and Sharon Stone together