Trying way too hard

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Shakira performed at the NBA All Star game dressed like she thought it was a football game and wanted to play along. What is up with every female singer trying way too hard these days? If you have talent it’s ok, you’ll succeed. Can you imagine having to act and dress a certain way everyday because it’s your gimmick? Vince McMahon should sue these bitches for stealing some of his characters.


Beating it for Haiti

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Shakira looked great at last night’s concert for Haiti. They raised alot of money for the Haitian people which they desperately needed. I’m not sure why Shakira didn’t come out in her usual sexy tight pants and do her dance, it was hard but for Haiti I managed to give a tissue a donation of my own. Seriously give what you can and by that i mean money, don’t be like me, i feel guilty now because they were showing a video compilation of the damage while Shakira sang.

Shakira is killing me

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Holy spirit of the late Anne Frank here is Shakira in a new photoshoot. She only keeps getting better and better. At what point does Shakira give up singing and pose like this 24/7? I’m pretty sure she would make more money doing this and i’m not knocking her singing career because i almost heard her singing once on one of her music videos. Thank God i muted it and had lotion nearby, what? My wang gets ashy sometimes. I became a professional masturbator at 12. Ahhh the sores at the beginning, those are what i call war scars.

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Shakira knows what she’s doing

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And here i am having a bad day, thanks to Shakira and her new promo pix for her new album She Wolf (Plug plug) i am having an awesome day now! Sure it doesn’t make the herpes go away but what the hell, i’m so excited I might find a swell lady to make love to.

Hot new Shakira

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Here’s a hot new promo picture for Shakira new album i guess.† I really hope she comes back, is she even back now? I have no idea because the last time i watched a music channel was when Nelly kept telling me it was Hot in herre (spelled right.)

Shakira is back

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Here’s Shakira’s new album cover. I remember when Shakira first got big in America with that song (Below.) Sure i could only understand about 5 words in the song but Jesus Christ look at her stomach and what about the part with her in the mud? And i can’t forget about the part where i get busted by my mom beating it to MTV 3 times a day to this video.

What’s wrong with Shakira’s face?

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Anybody know? Is it just bad pictures? Shakira was sexy as hell a few years ago, hopefully it’s just a band angle. I don’t want my inner gay fashion critique personality to come out but that tragedy she calls a dress forced it out, hello girlfriend! That dress is like Madonna, out of style and shouldn’t be out in public!

Shakira threesome on tape?

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Today, another sex tape scandal emerges, this time involving high-profile Colombian singer Shakira, who was allegedly caught on tape having a threesome with her longterm boyfriend Antonio de la Rua and famed Latino singer Alejandro Sanz.
Internet portal Infobae broke the news and now claims that the tape is currently in the custody of Colombian prosecutors, who are using it to build a case against Carlos GonzŠlez and his wife, Sylvia Alzate, two of Sanz’ former employees accused of stealing the home-made video and trying to blackmail the artist with its existence. In sex tape lore, this only means one thing: the sex tape is 99% real. Given that people have been named and we’re not dealing with shadow porn sites and vile Internet rumors, it may very well be that the Colombian singer has indeed had sex with two men and was foolish enough to allow it to be recorded on tape.

Well this should get good.