Lesson Of The Day: Don’t Record Yourself Giving People BJ’S

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Seriously don’t do it, I regret it to this day. And all those porn tubes wont respond to your emails to get it removed, it will always be out there. Kidding, it was a  Autofellatio video. Now onto the story. X-Factor UK Judge Tulisa was busted on video giving oral sex to some rapper.  Tulisa is reportedly getting her lawyers involved to get the video removed, she has as much chance to get her video removed as I do my autofellatio video. If it works Tulisa call me up!

Keep reading to see the video. You must be 18+ to watch the video. Adults Only!!!


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Kat Dennings is also naked. Me likey

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kat2 [1600x1200]

Not only did naked pictures of Jessica Alba leak but the actress Kat Dennings came out with her own and made me forget about the crappy Alba pix. Jesus look at those things. Didn’t she star in The 40 Year Old Virgin? Ever since these pictures came out I’ve been monitoring her Twitter like a crazy stalker. I have no crazy comments…Just shhhh and enjoy and pretend Jessica Alba’s body doesn’t actually look like that.

More pictures below, you sexy beast

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Jessica Alba is naked. Me no like

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albaleaked6 [1600x1200]

So the big news on the intronets today is that Jessica Alba has some leaked nude pix. How disappointing for those that fapped it in the theater to In The Blue or whatever that gay movie was called. I always thought Jessica’s body looked alot better than that. Maybe it’s because she was pregnant at the time? If that’s the case why not abortion? I mean seriously, it destroyed her body. Who is going to see a Alba movie with her current body?

More pix below

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Chelsea Handler Sex Tape cumming!!! OMG’erz!!! Skeet Skeet!!!

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handler3edit [800x600]

That’s sarcastic excitement BTW. I hate to sound negative all the time but that’s the type of person i am so Eff off. Anywho the Chelsea Handler Sex Tape is coming according to The New York Post, they’re popular so it has to be true.

“Several people came forward with copies of the video since its existence became known last May. A deal is very close to being made,” the New York Post quoted a source as telling Radaronline.com

Copies of the tape, which she sent to talent agents and managers, took long to surface, and the reason was put down to her work as a comedian. “I’m sure most people just threw them out because her stand-up was so bad,” a source added.

Of course I’ll fap to it because she’s famous and on TV and I’ve wondered how she takes the penis. I’m more fascinated by Christina Model. When is she going to go all the way and start banging guys? Seriously, the teasing has been going on for 12 years. It is kinda nice to grow up with her though. Christina Model is like the Jennifer Love Hewitt of porno. Anywho I added a video of Chelsea Handler doing some sort of sex scene for an Indie movie no one has ever seen below. Oh and the screen shots from the Sex Tape is below too.

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Can Vivid like Censor a Sex Tape?

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So it’s looking like the Heidi Montag’s Sex Tape may be coming out and more details are-a-cumming. According to reports one tape features Heidi and Playmate Karissa Shannon getting it on yo.

Montag first took to the social networking site to express her frustration at ex-husband Spencer Pratt, posting one word to her page on the social networking site on Friday, when the news broke. “Crying,” she said, before pleading with her followers: “Please send me your prayers and love I need it!”

But on Saturday evening, “The Hills” star went much further, posting: “@spencerpratt F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I was thinking about this upcoming Sex Tape and i was wondering if Vivid would listen to me and release a copy with Heidi Montag’s face censored out? I would be willing to pay for it. Everytime i look at her face i get very angry and feel like jumping in my SUV and running over everyone shopping at Hot Topic. Hopefully Karissa Shannon can save this Sex Tape.

You gonna fap to this? I’m not

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heidi-montag1 [1024x768]

Spencer Pratt is in talks with Vivid Video to release a Heidi Montag Sex Tape. Is anybody turned on by the thought of a Heidi Montag Sex Tape? Well Heidi is totally sad by this news yall! She doesn’t want her video to be seen by the public! Spencer is trying to sell the snuff film for $5 million and Vivid seems to be pleased by that price. The Sex Tape market is getting flooded with crappy videos and I for one am sick of it. Can we please get one whore to at least swallow? It’s 2010 you skanks. keep up with Shanda that’s hanging out on the corner. She’s not doing it for $5 million, she just loves the taste. God i hate Heidi’s face. Everytime i see her i wish i was hanging around New York in late 2001.

I threw up a little

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Hilary Duff first lesbian kiss

Lady GaGa naked on stage

Britney Spears uncensored

Salma Hayek sexiest sex scene (NSFW)

Ashley Tisdale in tiny bikini

Jenna Jameson still naked on video (NSFW)

Anna Faris naked shooting latest movie (NSFW)

Beyonce spreading showing panties

Lindsay Lohan caught drunk on video


Pop Star and overall horrible person Ke$ha has gotten herself in a scandal after a picture of her has leaked online showing her topless covered in man juice. How sexy would that picture be if it was Hilary Duff instead of Ke$ha? When i first seen this picture it totally reminded of every chick that i went to school with that lived in a trailer park. I always had some sort of crazy attraction to those kind of girls because you know they’re in some crazy stuff sexually, like once going down on their dog after coming home drunk after fighting with their baby’s daddy that is currently addicted to heroin.

Kendra sucks at banging

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By now i’m sure most of you pervs have seen the Kendra Sex tape. For the non-pervs out there, Kendra who starred in The Girls Next Door on E! had a sex tape and gosh how horrible was that thing? I didn’t get aroused once and that says alot because i did watching the Chyna Sex Tape (What? Her oral skills weren’t horrible! And she has a sex tranny face.) Anywho back to that P.O.S. video. She basically sat there like a dead body! The end was so lolz worthy, the dude busts in his hand…The end. Is there anything sexier than a girl that brags that she likes seamen and in the end she actually does? Kendra…Your a disappointment and you got $600,000 for that crappy tape. I’d rather watch Buck Angel get nailed by Peter North.