Scary sex toy cumming

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Mel B AKA Scary Spice (like i did with the title?) is coming out with her own sex toy next year. Will this be a exact replica of her vag? I have no idea and would love to know because if it is i got to start saving up.

Spice Girl MEL B is designing her own sex toy. The star is working on a “product” to be released early next year.

That’s something i’d like to see

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Mel B aka Scary Spice aka my future freck buddy told The Sun that she is considering posing for Playboy (great another Playboy story)

The Spice Girl – who is the new face and body of Ultimo underwear – confirmed to the Sun she had received a 1 million offer to strip for the men’s magazine centrefold.

Mel said: “It’s hilarious.

“At the age of 33 it’s flattering to be asked. I’m busy at the moment, but I’ll have to think long and hard about it. Maybe next year.”

At the age of 33? Are you serious? At least your not 50 years old spreading your legs on stage every chance you get pretending your still 21. Jesus i hate Madonna

TC got jungle fever

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Seriously how hot is Mel B? That body and her voice drives me Dina Lohan.

Another reason Mel B is sexy

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She’s willing to touch other girls’ boobs. Something about Mel B drives me crazy (in a good way, unlike Victoria “I-Only-Have-One-Damn-Facial-Expression-And-I’m-Better-Than-You-Also-Stop-Looking-At-My-Creepy-Misshapen-Rack” Beckham.) And to think Eddie Murphy got to hit that.

My favorite Spice

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My image plugin is screwed up right now that’s why the pix are not like they usually are. Anywho Mel B AKA Scary Spice is totally my favorite Spice Girl, the voice and the body what more you want?

I think i’m obsessed

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With those boobies.
I think i  m obsessed3I think i  m obsessed5I think i  m obsessed4I think i  m obsessed6

Sweet boobs

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Looking at her makes me think Eddie Murphy must really be gay.

TC gets around the net

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