Salma Hayek still has some curves

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I don’t know if Salma Hayek changed her diet, or its just the babies she’s popping out her va-jay-jay that’s adding the meat in all the right places, but damn! I say hot damnnn! She’s looking better then ever from the neck down, the face is starting to look a little withered, but perhaps that’s just stress. Nothing a few botox injections can’t fix in a days time. Her body on the other hand needs no help. That body is what girls dream of having.

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Salma Hayek’s Face is getting Old, her Boobs Still Look Great

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I remember when Salma Hayek was still young looking with, and without makeup. Now her face looks like she’s been stressed out for the last few years. Perhaps its all them kids she’s popping out, perhaps she’s just stressed about not being able to find a job. Perhaps all that talk of her being an illegal immigrant backfired and she’s fearing deportation. One way or another, she’s wrinkly, even with all that makeup. But she’s still pretty hot for being a celebrity cougar.

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And i thought i was helping the homeless…

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By letting them touch me for money. Salma Hayek is creating all sorts of buzz with a video showing her breast-feeding another woman’s baby during a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone to raise awareness about maternal neonatal tetanus.

The child’s mother was also malnourished and was unable to feed her baby. Hayek was still lactating at the time and didn’t think twice about helping the hungry child. “That was amazing,” Hayek says in the video. “I was able to feed an ill baby that was very hungry.”

That kinda surprised me. I think we should put all these so called “Good Celebrities” to that test. You wanna help the homeless? Pull that boob out biatch and let that poor african baby get some milk.

Colin Farrell danced naked

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Colin Farrell admitted in a recent interview that he danced nude for Salma Hayek to ease her nerves. Why didn’t i think of that?

The pair had to film an awkward nude scene while making 2006 film Ask The Dust, in which they played lovers.

At the time it was reported that Farrell performed a naked ballet dance to ease the tension, but the actor corrected this rumour.

“The naked part is true, but it wasn’t ballet; it was a different dance,” he said.

Is it really that easy? When i do that i get put in cuffs (And not the good kind) and hauled off to jail cause according to the police it’s “Illegal” to strip naked in a Chucky Cheese for your girlfriend. Now that i think about it i probably did go too far with the Whip Cream.

Thank you Salma

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I have no idea what is being said but then again i had the volume on mute with lotion in my hand so i really don’t give a eff if they had our nuke codes giving them away, after all It’s Salma Hayek’s boobies. Those things are legendary. On a funny note i love how the above video is a video of a tv show that’s showing a youtube video, my mind is now blown.

Salma Hayek is really really pregnant

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Thank goodness Salma didn’t turn into a Melissa Joan Hart, that would of ruined her for me. She’s still a hot soon to be milf

Salma Hayek is getting bigger

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I already don’t like that baby, look what it has done to her beautiful body.
salma-hayek-is-getting-bigger.jpgsalma-hayek-is-getting-bigger2.jpgSalma Hayek is getting bigger3

Hayek isn’t a fan of the Bible

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HUGE TATS Selma Hayek stated in a interview with Marie Claire she isn’t a big fan of the Bible because of the way it views women.

The Mexican actress insists she still believes in God and Jesus Christ, but she’ll always have big problems with the Bible.

In an interview for women’s magazine Marie Claire, which the star conducted before announcing her pregnancy, she explains, “I don’t like the way the Bible views women – this thing about the Virgin Mary conceiving a child without having sex – so if you conceive a child by having sex, there’s a subliminal message that there’s something dirty about it.

“And this is what makes us divine – I mean, the possibility of creating another life should remind women that we are creators, that we are made like God in our ability.

“There is nothing greater than to create another human being.”

I wasn’t a big fan of Frida or Desperado but the 5-10 seconds of boobage seemed to make up for the shitty movies.