Sacha Baron Cohen Busts his Ass Falling off a Camel as ‘The Dictator’

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Some times these things happen, its hard to trust a living animal that doesn’t like when people act like a dumb ass jumping on their backs, kicking them in the side. Eventually he gets up, but the camel has to get down on its knees for him. That didn’t sound right… eh.. whatever, you get the point.

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Bruno movie is gonna be great

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There has been alot of stuff happening with Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie Brüno, he crashed a fashion show twice, duped a former Mossad agent and confronted Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to get him to change his mind about gay marriage. Sacha knows how to get some press for a movie. Ok i really wanna see this movie, i didn’t get paid anything for the nice words…