Damn Dawson!

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Links for the day:

Mariah Carey big boobs popping out at award show

WWE Diva Candice Michelle did porn (NSFW)

Britney Spears Womanizer Uncensored video

Kim Kardashian wet in bikini

Lindsay Lohan busted

Cute girls dancing in panties on webcam

Bikini Girl on American Idol

Hilary Duff showing ass

Monica Belucci Whores It Up In GQ

Hayden Panettiere In A See Through Dress

Lily Allen new upskirt

Rosario Dawson posed for the new issue of Max magazine. I just started wondering when people leave those really weird comments about beating it to these kind of pix, do they really pop off to them? That’s talent if you ask me. That Southpark episode overlogging was right, the internet has spoiled me, there is no way in hell i could get off to Playboy or a single picture. If Zoo animals or 2 girls 1 cup sequels aren’t involved i ain’t interested!


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Rosario Dawson took a nice little shower in public in her bikini. Is it wrong if i was there with a camera directing her to take her top off and squeeze her boobs together and let the water run over her body? It must have been wrong cause today i was served with a restraining order.

Rosario Dawson is underrated

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This photo shoot of Rosario Dawson is probably old but who cares she’s showing some ass so be happy. Would you rather have more news about Britney Spears taking a left turn on the highway?
Rosario Dawson underrated 1Rosario Dawson underrated2 1Rosario Dawson underrated3 1Rosario Dawson underrated4 1Rosario Dawson underrated5 1

Rosario Dawson said eff a bra

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Rosario Dawson’s underrated ass

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Rosario Dawson  s underrated ass
She should be on blogs more often. Oh yeah and she also does awesome things with her tongue

Rosario Dawson gets her lesbo on

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MMM i love fake lesbians
Rosario Dawson gets her lesbo onRosario Dawson gets her lesbo on3

TC gets around the web

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Britney Spears joins a tour with Cyndi Lauper, That has to improve the ego- I’m Not Obsessed
Lindsay Lohan rides a bike in only a bikini, sure everyone does that- Derek Hail

Sophia Bush shows you what’s down her shirt, it probably happened on accident- Egotastic
OJ Simpson’s confession IF i did it manuscript was leaked, want me to spoil the ending?- Fat Backs And Collards
Ashlee Simpson continues scaring little kids with her face- Yeeeah!

Demi Moore needs a bra ASAP- The Blemish
Rosario Dawson makes me wanna buy a GQ magazine- Popaholic
Coco  s huge ass3

Rose McGowan and Rosario Dawson naked in Rolling Stone

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