Rachel Bilson rocking a Black Bikini in Barbados

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The O.C. star turned movie star still has a pretty banging body, and she has noqualmsabout showing it off in this black bikini on her pasty white skin down on the beaches in Barbados. Perhaps she was just trying to catch some sun, perhaps she ended up reflecting it so much other beach goers were forced to leave. Who knows, what we do know is she is still looking pretty damn good, and for that… Rachel Bilson, we thank you! Now get some sun, pleaseeeee!

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Holy Jizz and crackers

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Rachel Bilson appeared in Flaunt magazine and here’s behind the scenes footage of the shoot. What is going on with Rachel Bilson’s career? I’m not knocking her i’m only curious because this girl is Supermodel hot. 1:04-1:05 of the video i totally drop a load on my dog’s tail. What kind of guy gets a girl like Rachel anyway? Ok i see she’s dating actor Hayden Christensen, so she’s into actor’s who look like complete douches. Sweet let me practice by spitting on homeless people while wearing a gay robe.