Pete Doherty does drugs on camera…Again

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This is like the second time this year, what the eff.

Pete Doherty has been filmed taking heroin in his Wiltshire home on Friday (November 2).

The Sun newspaper has posted video footage, taken on a cameraphone, on their website.

Dude is a freckin’ mess. Hopefully he’ll get some jail time to clean up his act for good. I doubt it though.

Doherty paints with his blood

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Pete Doherty is to stage an exhibition of his artworks – painted in his own blood.
The show will feature 14 original paintings and prints that Doherty created using pen, pencil, and his own blood, according to The Observer.

Fans will be able to pick up the ultimate piece of Doherty memorabilia – prints of the works signed in his blood – for up to 2,500.

The works include various self-portraits alongside works like ‘Number 3 on the Twos’, which portrays a prisoner lying on his bed in a cell.

If you want a painting done by Pete Doherty it also includes a wonderful case of hepatitis C.

Doherty offers Kate’s stuff for cab fare

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Pete Doherty has been accused of talking his way out of a $500 cab fare – by instructing the driver to help himself to girlfriend KATE MOSS’ household possessions.

The Babyshambles star hailed the taxi in London last weekend after arguing with Moss, and instructed driver Roland Andrews to take him to the catwalk beauty’s Gloucestershire house – 100 miles away.

However, after arriving at the destination a cash-strapped Doherty was forced to offer Moss’ household contents to cover some of the fare.

“He asked me to help him unload his stuff into Kate’s house and then he said, ‘If there’s anything here you want then help yourself to it. The missus won’t mind.’” Andrews, who declined the offer, subsequently discovered the rocker’s accountant had no knowledge of the cab fare promise.

Wow what a gentlemen, he offers his girlfriends belongings to help pay the cab fare. Ladies this is the kind of guy you need.

Doherty arrested for drugs

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Pete Doherty has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of drug possession in London. The Babyshambles frontman, 28, was stopped by police in Kensington, west London on Saturday night
British newspaper The Sun reports police found Doherty in possession of crack cocaine and cannabis. After spending the night in police custody, Doherty was released on bail on Sunday.
Well it is Monday so it’s about that time for Pete to get arrested again, if he isn’t in trouble at least once a week i’m always waiting for armageddon to come.