Penelope Cruz on a Boat in a Bikini

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The good part about these pics, Penelope Cruz is rocking a bikini showing off her curved, the bad part is… Well that paparazzi spies on these celebs no matter what they do, where they are. But that’s not really our problem, now is it? She looks hot, can’t deny that. She’s one of the few movie stars who look hot even after coming out of the water with out makeup.

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Keeping it sexy

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When i seen these pix of Penelope Cruz it reminded me of the beginning of a set of porn pix, you know where the first few pix show her “teasing” in her little lingerie and by the last 15 pix she’s spreading taking 5 loads from 5 black midgets. Don’t count Midget porn out. It’s not only erotic but also entertaining. Have you seen a midget give a handjob? Especially if they have the sausage fingers.

Ahh you mean no incest?!?

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Reports earlier this week stated that horse face actress Penelope Cruz totally made out with her sister in a music video featuring her brother.
Reports even went so far as to claim it was 22-year-old Eduardoís idea for the smooch, because he always dreamed of watching his sisters get naughty with each other.
It’s still weird watching her hang all over him and making out with another girl in his music video. Dude that’s your sister!

TC gets around the net

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Carmen Electra big boobs- The Bastardly
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hayden-panettiere-strips.jpg kim_kardashian_tits6.jpghp3.jpg
Penelope Cruz in bikini- The Feeding Tube
Anna is smoking hot- Bullz Eye
tara-reid-fhmm0a6.jpg tbdcruz051007.jpganna-35.jpg

TC gets around the net

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betty-03.jpg bs5.jpgpenelope_cruz_cousin_tits.jpg
Betty’s nice ass- Bullz Eye
Britney Spears in her underwear- IDLYIDW
Penelope Cruz cousin gets topless (NSFW)- Drunken Stepfather
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Paris Hilton does dumb things when she’s drunk- The Blemish
Emmy Rossum upskirt- Taxi Driver Movie
carmen-electra-09090701.jpg paris-hilton-fence.jpgemmy_rossum_upskirt_0918.jpg
Jessica Simpson as a pussycat doll- Rich And Brainless
Trish Stratus topless with another hottie- Weak Game
Adriana Lima looking not ugly- Vidi Mag
jessica_simpson_002.jpg trish.jpglima.jpg
OJ Simpson’s current girlfriend- I Served You

TC gets around the net

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cruz-sisters09170701.jpg britney-spears-vma.jpgxtinahollywood014.jpg
The Cruz sisters- The Bastardly
Britney loses her kids- The Blemish
Christina is hot hot hot- Rich And Brainless
kim kardashian famous ass- Weak Game
Rihanna ass- Vidi Mag
Guess the celebrity thong- Taxi Driver Movie
kim-kardashian3-793453.jpg rihanna.jpgthong.jpg

TC sluts for the weekend

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Kristanna Loken gets banged in movie (Lax Time)
Aisleyne Horgan Wallace Lip Slip (Taxi Driver)
Jenna Jameson topless in Maxim (The-Feeding-Tube)
Gemma Atkinson huge tits in bikini (Drunken Stepfather)
Penelope Cruz topless at the beach (Rich And Brainless)
Hugh Hefner’s bitch going topless at club (Rich and Brainless)
Lindsay Lohan in Allure (Celebri-Net)

Penelope Cruz boobies of the day

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Penelope Cruz has sweet boobies4Penelope Cruz has sweet boobies3Penelope Cruz has sweet boobies