Paula doesn’t get the hint yet

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Paula Abdul reportedly walked off the set of American Idol when she was not given time to voice an opinion on a contestant.

Teenage singer Julissa Veloz finished her audition and judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi began to cast their vote before Abdul could have her say.

“Okay, I guess my opinion doesn’t matter,” Abdul said. “It is so funny because there are four judges… sometimes we forget there is a fourth opinion in this room.”

Hasn’t Paula realized that she will be fired like really soon? It’ll be interesting to see her judging backstage with no microphone on, shhh she don’t know.

I swear to drunk I’m not god

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Weeeh it’s a party bitches! You usually get drunk at the party not show up to the party already drunk. Well that’s Paula Abdul for ya

MTV dissed Paula Abdul

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MTV has refused to air Paula Abdul’s new music video “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.” In other news who watches MTV these days anyway?

The American Idol judge shot to fame in the late 1980′s with exceptional dance routines to tunes including Straight Up and Opposites Attract.

An MTV spokesman tells, “There are currently no plans to play the video.”

I’m sorry Paula but to get your video played on MTV you need to create an embarrassing song about ejaculating on someone and pretend to ride a bike at the same time. Isn’t music great?

Abdul broke her nose

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American Idol judge Paula Abdul has broken her nose whilst ‘trying to avoid stepping on her dog’.

The former pop star claims a misunderstanding her pet Chihuahua caused her to take a tumble at her Los Angeles home, tearing cartilage in her nose, bruising her body and fracturing a toe in the process.

She says, “I took a nasty fall… trying not to hurt my dog. I bruised myself on my arm… my chest, my waist all the way down to my hip – all from my little chubby Tulip.”

Yeah right, Paula is just trying to hide the coke nose

Paula Abdul is so Anna Nicole

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During a recent visit to QVC Paula Abdul was promoting her jewelery line (i know wtf) she acted extremely odd.

The American Idol host was supposed to be promoting her jewelry line but appeared to be having difficultly stringing a sentence together that wasn’t total gibberish.

That was when she wasn’t flailing her arms about like a mad woman or hiding behind a plant.

One viewer commented on the QVC message board, “I cannot in my wildest imagination understand how a show like the Q who usually has very articulate and talented guests on have someone who always appears spaced-out on something not to mention the crap she sells”.

That person that commented on Paula sounds like a hater to me. I love women with a little crazy with them, if she hasn’t tried to catch me on fire the first 6 months, this bitch ain’t worth it. Anywho there is no doubt that Paula pops pills or drinks alot, there’s being ditzy and there’s being high/drunk out of your mind and i think it’s the latter.

Paula Abdul hugs her only fan

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Aww that’s sweet, to bad Paula isn’t aware where or who she is. She called the child William Hung so she was close.
Paula Abdul hugs her only fan3Paula Abdul hugs her only fan2Paula Abdul hugs her only fan5Paula Abdul hugs her only fan4

Paula Being Replaced by Courtney Love?

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Simon, Paula, Randy and … Courtney??? Hold on to your remotes, Idolites, because legendary rock idol Courtney Love tells exclusively that American Idol wants her!Love reveals to her favorite magazine Web site that Idol‘s executive producer Nigel Lythgoe called her office last week inquiring into whether she would be interested in sitting in as a judge on the hit FOX show.Read the crazy story here

Paula Abdul has never been drunk in her life

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Paula Abdul has hit back at reports she was intoxicated during a recent TV interview – stating she has never been drunk in her life.