Paris Hilton in a bathing suit, if you’re into that sort of thing

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Not really sure who wants to check out a pole wearing a bikini, but if you’re into that sort of thing here is Paris Hilton for you which is pretty much the exact same thing. Not really sure if I have any thing good to say about her except I would like to see that bathing suit on a hot girl.

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Paris Hilton is still stalked by photogs for some reason

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I honestly can’t understand why photographers still follow Paris Hilton around. Her fifteen minutes has been up for a long time now. I really don’t know what to say about these pictures except. ummmm.. ok? Here’s Paris Hilton pictures for those who care to look.

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So Paris Hilton is trying to become a DJ now or something

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Well isn’t this some thing, she tried to sing and failed. She tried to act and failed miserably. She tried to stay out of the spotlight for a while and even failed at that considering she showed up at every event she could. Now she wants to become a DJ? Is she serious? I wonder if this was just a massive prank on all of the people in the audience.

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Oh this is just delicious

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This Paris Hilton cocaine story is so juicy that my panties are soaking wet from all the details constantly coming out. Now the latest is that Paris thought the cocaine was gum. Paris, just shut your mouth your not helping your case.

According to an officer’s report, when a little white baggie fell out of the purse Hilton was carrying in Las Vegas Friday, Hilton said that “she had not seen [the bag] but now thought it was gum.”

The bag actually contained 0.8 grams of cocaine, according to People magazine, and now the 29-year-old heiress faces felony drug-possession charges, with an Oct. 27 arraignment.

Wow Paris is 29 years old? Isn’t she too old to be doing stuff like this? I’m 24 now and I got all that BS out of my system by the time i got out of middle school. Some advice to Paris, when you see popo coming you suppose to snort the gum. What a retard. Speaking of retard, why is that such a bad word now? I swear everything offends everyone these days. During these holiday seasons coming up if i hear one person complain about “Merry Christmas” I’m turning into James Jay Lee and they’ll be The Discovery Channel and unlike that douche James Jay Lee I’m succeeding, what a failure.

Because it’s Saturday and i love fake lesbians

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Here’s footage of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie kissing on their train-wreck show that was on years ago. I’m sure you never seen this video because I never seen it and I’ve seen every video…ever. Watching this video made me realize Paris really has calmed down these last few years, what’s up with dat? Who’s the whore leader now? Really who is these days?

Paris’ boobs for your Saturday

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It’s been a while since we have seen Paris Hilton topless which i find pretty amazing. She was the leader for all these Hollywood skanks, did she retire her crown or something? I dunno i never got the memo i guess. Anywho here’s Paris and her little boobs. I can’t lie I like her boobs, I’m not a fan of huge boobs. A tight t-shirt and a flat stomach, God i need vagina on my mouth.

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FHM is sum bitches

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You only diss the magazine’s you love right? FHM once again printed old pix of Paris Hilton, it makes it even worse that they didn’t even use the picture where she showed her nipple. That picture is on the site somewhere.

Picture of the day

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You seriously gotta have some big balls to try this. Paris Hilton really should have giving some notice for Christ sake, i mean he really could of gotten a better shot when she was spreading without panties getting into her car and accidentally started licking her nipples at the same time.