44 Year Old Pam Anderson Still things she Looks Good

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She can think what she wants, you can see the makeup all over her old ass body. She’s clearly busted, and most likely only doing this so she can buy more makeup to cover herself up. She’s like a crack addict with makeup, titty jobs, and plastic surgery.

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Flashback: That’s just ridiculous

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I mean really. Look at those things. I did my editorial job by researching Pamela Anderson’s bra size and i came up with 34DD. Should wagons that big wear a top like that? Of course she should but that’s silly looking. Could you really have an actual conversation with her wearing that? I kinda feel bad for Pamela getting so many implants because her nipples look really strange (NSFW Clicky.) I would still insert my penis but afterwards strongly deny it.

Will you be watching? Me either

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Pamela Anderson will be appearing on Dancing with The Stars and here’s a preview of her dancing. Aren’t you excited guys?!?! I wonder what to expect from her on the show? Is Pamela aware that she can’t get naked during the dance? God I might actually watch this trainwreck, i mean Pamela’s part not the whole show.

Pamela can look hot

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For Pamela Anderson less really is more. She looks really hot in these pictures. It’s amazing the difference when she goes “all out” and when she dresses like the above. Come on Pam! Since when did these girls think that all that makeup makes them hotter? I’m taking those girls home and kicking them out within 2 hours, what i need my house clean. Dirty dirty whores.

Damn it Pamela!

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Here’s some new Pamela Anderson pix and I’m really upset about them. When Pamela was out here i thought ok she has improved, she understands that she is getting older and must adjust herself a little. Pamela totally pisses me off and to prove that I’m not photoshopping Hilary Duff’s face on the above picture and touching myself to it. You suck Pammy and that’s not a lame Tommy Lee joke.

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Yay! Embrace it Pamela

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pamela anderson fragrance 140210

Here’s some new pictures of Pamela Anderson actually looking decent and looking her age. Embrace it Pam! Your 42 and you look like a hot 42 year old, almost like a normal person. There isn’t anything worse than when a woman wont give up her youth. Your 24 with 2 kids you dirty skank! Now stop telling me about your kids and wipe my semen off your chin and…..


I see this will be a painful exit

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pamhuge5 []

I was really hopeful Pamela Anderson would make a grateful exit out of the spotlight and raise her kids quietly. Naw I’m kidding we all know she’s going to have to be dragged out while she’s naked and flashing us her wirey grey vagina. I’ve been saying for more than year that it’s really getting sad, the glasses help a little and all i guess?

pamhuge2 []pamhuge3 []pamhuge5 []

She’s getting around…hehehe

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Pamela Anderson has been infront of the cameras alot lately. Is she coming out with a TV show or something? I’m really hoping Pamela can save up some decent money so when she’s 60 she’s not wearing these outfits trying to “tease” us. There is nothing more depressing, she’ll be like the movie The Wrestler except she’ll be walking around with her Sex Tape and a camera reminding us she made a naughty video in 1998.