Olivia Munn’s tits are a sight

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I would say Olivia Munn has one beautiful face but I keep getting distracted from her amazing boobs. If you don’t like this picture, and you’re a dude. Well, I have news for you. You’re gay. Yep, this was really a test. If you didn’t stare at this picture for at least 10 seconds with out blinking, you’re clearly gay.

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Olivia Munn looks cute even when she dresses like an amish person

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Olivia Munn is one of those hot girls where it doesn’t matter what she wears. Her face is so pretty she can manage to make it look hot. Take for example this shirt that looks like it was taken from an amish persons table. She manages to make it work, some how. Well. Not really. But she looks good so that’s all that matters.

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Olivia Munn without makeup looks great

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I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever seen a bad picture of Olivia Munn, she’s one of those hotties who seems to look good in what ever she wears or does. Even making funny faces she looks hot as can be. Props on being naturally hot without all the makeup and camera lighting.

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Olivia Munn is still insanely hot, even in this dress

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I honestly never knew she was this freckly. But I have to admit, she still looks insanely hot! Even bare skinned with little to no makeup. I have a lot more respect for her showing off her real skin with out a ton of makeup to be honest. Wearing what looks like it could be a curtain, and still looking sexy as can be. I’m impressed.

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Olivia Munn has the greatest Twitter

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Olivia Munn posted new pix of her posing for some magazine that I’m sure I wont buy because nobody buys magazines anymore. Isn’t the internet great? It is a little awkward these days, beating it to a magazine you can put the magazine in a drawer. With the internet, taking your laptop to the bathroom is a little weird especially when you walk out of the bathroom with the laptop in hand with your kids crying because Santa didn’t come. Daddy needs his expensive porn damn it!

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My new favorite poster

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This poster is so friggin’ hot, i can’t put into words the things i would do to Olivia Munn. Mainly because it’s illegal in 47 states. Like most guys I’m talking a big game and if she was actually in the room with me alone and naked i would be shaking wondering what do i do next. I know my penis goes in her vagina but which way do we start? Does she like to get on top? Does she like her ass spanked? I made the mistake of slapping, turned out she was a victim of Domestic Abuse and started having flashbacks. Not fun when she starts crying…Or does that make it hotter…..?

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Just become a Supermodel already

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Seriously why is Olivia Munn still on TV? Shouldn’t she be getting paid $100,000 a day to get out of bed and pose on the beach for 30 minutes? I like her personality because it makes her even sexier, i just think she’s wasting her time on G4TV. Maybe I’m still bitter about G4TV taking away TechTV, it was the greatest thing ever and you bitches ruined it!

Munn is everywhere

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Olivia Munn appeared on the cover of some magazine I’ve never heard, smart business move on the company’s part. Isn’t it great that actresses have gotten into the whole sexy photoshoot thing, when did this start happening? Like the early 90′s? I think Rihanna and Hilary Duff should diddle each other to promote their new upcoming projects.