You ain’t gots ta lie Nicole

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Nicole Scherzinger (Thank God for Google spell check) attended some event wearing something tight to give the illusion that there is a ass back there. Nice try Nicole but we don’t believe you.

OJ Confessed

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Yeah cause since he never confessed before i thought for sure he was innocent. Anywho Mr. Stab-em-up confessed to the killing according to a memorabilia dealer’s upcoming book, O.J. spilled the juicy details of what happened on the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered.

Mike Gilbert claims that O.J. had smoked pot, took a sleeping pill and was drinking beer when Simpson told him he didn’t bring a knife to his ex-wife’s apartment on June 12, 1994 — and that, “If she hadn’t opened that door with a knife in her hand … she’d still be alive.”

Now i’m not calling OJ Simpson a killer. Why? Because i love my life and i don’t wanna get sliced up. Not that he would do that or he’s that kind of person. I love the juice, he was great The Naked Gun..I just ahhh i’ll be back to finish this post i got a knock on the door from someone in a hood.

TC gets around the net

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betty-03.jpg bs5.jpgpenelope_cruz_cousin_tits.jpg
Betty’s nice ass- Bullz Eye
Britney Spears in her underwear- IDLYIDW
Penelope Cruz cousin gets topless (NSFW)- Drunken Stepfather
Carmen Electra huge boobs- The Bastardly
Paris Hilton does dumb things when she’s drunk- The Blemish
Emmy Rossum upskirt- Taxi Driver Movie
carmen-electra-09090701.jpg paris-hilton-fence.jpgemmy_rossum_upskirt_0918.jpg
Jessica Simpson as a pussycat doll- Rich And Brainless
Trish Stratus topless with another hottie- Weak Game
Adriana Lima looking not ugly- Vidi Mag
jessica_simpson_002.jpg trish.jpglima.jpg
OJ Simpson’s current girlfriend- I Served You

OJ arrested for armed robbery

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OJ Simpson has been arrested in connection with a hotel break-in. The alleged murderer has been taken into custody at The Palms hotel. Johnny Cochran (rest in peace) can’t save you now homo!

Las Vegas police arrested former football star O.J. Simpson on Sunday in connection with a hotel room break-in, CNN said.A source with the Las Vegas Police Department told CNN Simpson was taken into custody at The Palms hotel.

I shouldn’t call him a homo, i use it as slang but i’m sure i have gay people reading this site and that are fans, i apologize. Calling OJ a homo is a insult to the gay people.

The Juice is not a killer but don’t push him

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oj.jpg aka DrudgeReports bitch is reporting that the man who accused OJ Simpson of armed robbery has changed his story now saying he is on OJ’s side and he wants the case dropped
“I want this thing to go away. I have health problems,” said Alfred Beardsley, the collector who told police on Thursday that Simpson and several other men stormed a Las Vegas hotel room and stole memorabilia at gunpoint.
No he meant if he went against OJ he WOULD have health problems, you may be asking what kind of health problems could he have if he continued to accuse Mr. “i got off a murder charge hurray!” of robbery. Well probably a knife to the neck or something similar. Don’t eff with the juice! You know OJ was doing the throat cut motion when the police was asking the guy questions, anyway OJ would only do that if he was guilty of anything which he wasn’t. I have a gun to protect myself and guard dogs so don’t try anything Juice.