Nicole Scherzingerís Showing off some Side Boob

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Nicole Scherzinger seems to keep getting hotter as she gets older. Nothing says hot babe like showing off a little side boob and that being hot too. No clue where the hell she is heading off to on the boat, but it better be nice.

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Nicole Scherzinger looking Curvaceous in her Purple Dress

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Who is†Nicole Scherzinger again? Well, honestly, who the hell cares. She’s hot as it gets in this dress. That wind is blowing across her hair making the picture look even better, as if the wind is saying, “Nicole, I need to keep you cool”… If not that dress may burst into flames from being on her hotness. On that note, stop blowing wind!

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Boooooo fake lesbians

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The Pussycat Dolls posed in the new issue of Blender magazine (I’m 99.9999% sure they are old pix so Blender is sum bitches.) I’m really tired of “hot girls” pretending to be bisexual, OMG Becky i’m totally touching your boobs! If your not going down on your friend and sending me the video then stop pretending you fake cack tease.

Holy huge nipples Mysterion!

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Eva Longoria ass in your face

Kate Moss braless again

Shannon Elizabeth classic see through top at MTV awards

Amy Winehouse spreading upskirt

Hayden Panettiere bending over showing ass

Megan Fox huge boobs out in public

Anna Faris first nude scene showing ass (NSFW)

Tila Tequila naked behind the scenes (NSFW)


Nicole Scherzinger attended a musical a few days and had her gay friends with her. Girls and their gay friends are sometimes inseparable and it can get annoying. No matter how hard you try you cannot compete with the gay friends, you can treat them good and be honest with them like the gays do but they still do it better. If one of them turns straight one day i’m totally eff’ed.

Uncensored pix after the jump pimpin’ pimpin’.

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OMG i never seen a boob before! Now with video!

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Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls flashed a boob (or did she?) in a recent concert. There is nothing more entertaining than watching people debating is it a boob slip or pasties or is it a shadow? Just to make me feel better and the fact that i wouldn’t be happy beating it to a pasty i’m saying it’s boob, you welcome. Keep reading to see the full picture and video

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FHM is some bitches

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Courtney Love new side boob braless

Anne Hathaway new topless bath scene

Christina Aguilera topless

Adriana Lima new topless pix

Lindsay Lohan first nude shoot (NSFW)

Elisha Cuthbert popping out of small top

You can’t call me hypocritial just because i love FHM. They did the re-printing of old pix too for their March 09′ FHM (Austrian version.) Are the magazines doing this because print magazine revenue is going down and it’s cheaper to re-print old images? Come on Nicole Scherzinger can’t be that expensive, i just seen her at Starbucks grinding on a Barista yesterday.

Live from the 08′ AMA’s

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Yeah i’m not really there live or even watching it on TV. I’ll update you bitches with the latest pix when i get them.

First up is Christina Aguilera looking…. Well it’s good to see her i guess

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. I know that guy wants to throw a hissy fit for what she’s wearing, all wroooong hello!

Ali Landry looking sexy as hell, find a flaw on this woman i dare you

Ashley Tisdale confused why she’s not still blonde, i’m wondering the same

Miley Cyrus, wow aging is not gonna be great for her

Rihanna, i was hoping she would come looking great. When you have a 12head you suppose to cover it a little.

Makeup can’t fix everything

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The lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls and failed solo artist Nicole Scherzinger shows that makeup is great for covering your imperfections but it can’t hide how unattractive you actually are, wow was that mean? Well she stole Miley Cyrus’s peace sign! Whatta whore! Team Miley! I just read an interview where Nicole says she’s too young to be married, your 30 years old dumbass. 5 more years and not married isn’t sexy that’s just sad and lonely.