Nicole Kidman’s Nipples could Cut Granite

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Holy shit! It must be really cold outside and she choose to go out without her bra. Perhaps in hopes of getting a few of the photag’s to snap some photos of her since her career has fallen apart. Can’t deny her hotness, but can deny she’s worth watching in most of her movies where she isn’t nude.

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Oh Snap! Kidman talks shiite about Mr. Holmes

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Z-list actress Nicole Kidman described her marriage with Tom Cruise as Lousy and lonely, well you did marry Tom Cruise, you thought he really wanted to bang that every night or even ever?

‘I went six years alone. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but it’s better to be alone than in a lousy relationship’, said the new mum.

‘Work was my escape. I was existing more strongly in my creative world than in my own world.’

That’s messed up when your in a marriage and your wife would rather work then be with you, i have heard about gay men who try to make themselves straight by forcing themselves on women. I’m not saying that’s what Tom is doing, cause i don’t wanna get sued for saying such a crazy and untrue thing, wink wink.

Casper’s sister goes see thru

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C-List actress Nicole Kidman went out of the country to promote her new crappy movie. I’d like to see how she travels. Does she need constant shade so her face and body doesn’t begin to melt?

Eww someone DID bang her

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Nicole Kidman’s spokesperson confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. Casper’s sister is having a baby!

“Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban confirmed today that they are expecting a baby. The couple are thrilled.”

That has to be a nightmare trying to tap that, seriously wouldn’t it be like banging a corpse?

Thank goodness nobody banged her

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Z-lister Nicole Kidman’s spokeswoman (and she needs one because?) denied she is pregnant.
“It is incorrect . . . she must have had about 30 babies by now,” her spokeswoman said.
Would anybody volunteer to knock her up? Come on she’s like 45, she needs a baby one day. You know Tom Cruise didn’t tap that.

Eww someone banged her?

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Z-list actress Nicole Kidman is pregnant according to The Daily Mail.

The baby, whose expected arrival date has not yet been revealed, will be the actress’s first natural child.

Congrats to Nicole for her pregnancy and her soon to be creepy white ghost looking baby.

Nicole Kidman boobs in Vanity Fair

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It’s the only time i care about her