Oh snap my wife pranked me Yo!

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Nick Cannon was doing his radio show when his wife Mariah Carey called in and prank called him discussing porn.

Referring to herself as Debbie from Long Island, Carey phoned Cannon live on air during his slot on New York station 92.3 NOW FM.

Listeners heard Mariah saying to Nick: “Me and my husband have a very good time when we watch porn and I don’t think it’s bad.

“I think if it was bad it wouldn’t exist. And I think that everyone should experiment with porn. I mean Nick, come on, you know you look at porn.” She further joked.

“Tonight when me and my husband look at porn, I already know it’s gonna be a humdinger.”

How cute is that? Watching porn with your lover is a great idea though. It depends on what kind of porn. Extreme spitting, slapping and gagging is a bit much. Ohhh come on lets try this baby, I’m sure the punch to the throat doesn’t hurt that bad.

Mariah likes to bang

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Mariah Carey is pissed at husband Nick Cannon (i still can’t believe that) for revealing details about their sex life. Wow imma freak and i don’t want to hear that.

Mariah said, “Why did he tell that story…? He just told people… I didn’t want him to let everybody know that but I never said anything about it; I didn’t say, ‘Don’t tell people’.”

But Mariah did her own kiss-and-tell, confirming, “We were intimate but weren’t completely intimate in the biblical sense.”

The Biblical sense? What the hell? Is Mariah Carey Britney Spears in 1999? The biblical sense? Even hardcore Christians are like shut the hell up skank. Least she not claiming to be a virgin…hopefully