TC gets around the net

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Hilary Duff knows she’s turning you on- Celeb Parasite
Nelly Furtado has a huge ass, who knew?- The Bastardly
Victoria Beckman said eff a bra- The Feeding Tube
28-duff-main.jpg nelly-furtado100801.jpgvictoria-beckham-said-eff-a-bra.jpg
Halle Berry is busty- The Blemish
Scarlett Johansson is hot even when she’s looking normal- Derek Hail
Kate stripping- Time Killer
Britney Spears showing boob in uncensored video version- D Listed
Tara Reid does FHM- Drunken Stepfather
halle-berry-busty.jpg scarlett-johansson-lipss0a4.jpgkate.jpg
bstitties1.jpg tara-reid-2.jpg

TC gets around the net

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the-spears-sisters3.jpg victoria-beckham-bird.jpggiselethong.jpgspread.jpg
Jamie-Lynn Spears has a potty mouth- Derek Hail
Victoria Beckham is an ostrich- The Blemish
Gisele Bundchen showing thong- Drunken Stepfather
Sexy escalator ride- Relax
Danielle Lloyd in her sexiest photo shoot- The Feeding Tube
Nelly Furtado Looks Like a Wild Baboon- Celeb Parasite
Pamela Anderson naked photo shoot- True Scandals
Rihanna cleans halfway naked- Weak Game
daniellelloyd.jpg 76-nelly-main.jpgpa23.jpgrihannas-sexy-photoshoot6.jpg
Mena Suvari posing for some magazine- Dirty Rotten Whore
Rihanna backs that ass up- Vidi Mag
mena_suvari_aventura_11.jpg ra.jpg

Fergie Vs. Furtado it’s on bitch!

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A new pop war of words is being waged between Fergie and Nelly Furtado after a lyrical mix up left the Canadian feeling sore.
Speaking on DJ Ryan Seacrest’s Los Angeles radio show yesterday (09May07), Fergie explained, “Something went down with the lyrics of a song and she thought I was talking about her because we had similar lyrics when our albums came out and it wasn’t even true. “So she came out with a song talking about it and I approached her and said, ‘Hey, listen, is this song about me, because I heard from (producer) Scott Storch it was,’ and she kinda beat around the bush a little bit… and she said, ‘Yeah,’ and she apologised and I said, ‘OK.’ “I was willing to keep it between us, she goes on MTV, said it wasn’t about me and then I hear on YouTube she’s saying it was about me, so I’m like, ‘OK, which one is it?’ “She was just calling me out on a song… (and now) it’s kinda like a light battle… I’ve said my peace. It’s not like we’re gonna throw down.”
Oh shit it’s on like Donkey Kong up in this bitch! What am i kidding, this sucks balls. The “beef” between the no-talented whores how exciting.

The father of Akon’s humping victim speaks

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It’s confirmed the girl in the video IS 14 years old. The Victims father spoke out saying it was “atrocious.”

“She likes dancing and won a competition,” Alleyne said, adding that she became a victim in a situation where she had no control.

Deena was filmed dancing with the superstar during his performance at the Zen nightclub last Thursday in Port of Spain. She had won the first stage of a competition which carried prizes, including a “free trip” to Africa. There was however no free trip to Africa as at the end of the competition, Akon said he was Africa.

The prize was a free trip to Africa but he said he was Africa? Eww that’s so sleazy and gross, first you tell a 14 year old she won a trip to Africa then you dry hump her on stage, i don’t know the legal actions over there but he should lose a finger or something.


Nelly Furtado sexiest photoshoot

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Nelly Furtado sexiest photoshoot2Nelly Furtado sexiest photoshoot4Nelly Furtado sexiest photoshoot3 

Nelly Furtado in concert

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Nelly Furtado in concert5
Nelly Furtado in concertNelly Furtado in concert2Nelly Furtado in concert9Nelly Furtado in concert8Nelly Furtado in concert7Nelly Furtado in concert6Nelly Furtado in concert3Nelly Furtado in concert4

Nelly Furtado 06′ Billboard Music Awards

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Nelly Furtado 06   Billboard Music Awards3
Nelly Furtado 06   Billboard Music Awards2Nelly Furtado 06   Billboard Music Awards

Nelly Furtado 06′ AMA’s

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Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s3
Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s8Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s7Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s6Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s5Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s4Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s2Nelly Furtado 06   AMA  s