Wanna see Naomi Watts naked?

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It’s nice to see what an actual celebrity looks like naked without the special lighting and makeup. Turns out they look just as disgusting as you! Damn babies! They sure do eff your body up. Anywho keep reading to see Naomi Watts naked.

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Naomi Watts has been sperminated

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In Touch Weekly quotes a friend as saying: “This wasn’t planned, but Naomi and Liev are thrilled,” a friend told the magazine, predicting “They’ll probably be married before the baby is born.”

The couple have been together for almost two years. Watts is said to be just entering her second trimester and is barely showing. However, a pal has revealed that Naomi has planned not to take any roles until after the baby is born. “She’ll be such a great mom,” the friend says.

Naomi Watts topless covering in 1/07 Allure

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Naomi Watts 1 07 Allure Magazine2
Naomi Watts 1 07 Allure MagazineNaomi Watts 1 07 Allure Magazine3