London look out!

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Naomi Campbell was released on bail you better duck!

Naomi Campbell was released on bail Friday after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer during a dispute over luggage at Heathrow Airport. Campbell, 37, left the airport police station just after midnight. London‘s Metropolitan Police said she was released pending further inquiries and told to report to a police station in late May.

Naomi learned lesson from mop duty

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell says her recent stint mopping floors and cleaning toilets at a New York garbage depot taught her a lesson and strengthened her resolve to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

In a diary, Campbell said she found solace in sweeping during the five-day community service sentence imposed after she pleaded guilty to reckless assault for throwing a mobile phone at her maid during a dispute over a pair of jeans.

“I have no other responsibility. I have no phone. I have the time to think. Just have, you know, peace,” wrote the London-born model in diary excerpts published by the New York Post on Monday. The Post cited W Magazine as the source for the excerpts. The magazine is to publish the diaries next week.

I know what she learned, actual people do that kind of work. That might sound strange to people like Naomi, she is probably asking herself “why would they do that when they could just party? Well Naomi everybody can’t just take their clothes off and walk on a runway for $10 million. People have to do shitty things like mopping floors and guess what? People don’t wanna fuck the janitor that wears pissy overalls, so get your fucking act together you fucking airhead.