Hear Michael’s new single? Blah

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Anybody that is a regular visitor knows that i am a pretty big Michael Jackson fan but his first single after his death This is it is really lame.

The initial response to hearing the ‘new’ Michael Jackson track, ‘This Is It’ actually a studio offcut dating back to the early-90s ‘Dangerous’ sessions is relief at what it isn’t.

It’s a horrible single but God knows how many millions this album is going to sell, i’m pretty sure this album will set records. Sony Music Entertainment really dropped the ball on this one, come on guys seriously!

Get down or lay down bitches!

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After years of trying to protect its content and sue anyone who illegally downloaded it, the industry has moved to forge partnerships with online retailers as sales slump.

In 2008, some 95 percent of the music downloaded from the Internet, or more than 40 billion files, was illegal, leaving the overall music market down around 7 percent on 2007.

Michael Robertson, the head of MP3Tunes who had to speak via video link because he is still engaged in copyright infringement lawsuits in the United States, urged the industry to go further and allow more experiments with their music.

“When you sue a new technology, you lose the opportunity to channel that into a positive direction,” he said.

“There is innovation happening but it’s coming from the dark side of the Internet, from pirates, from the underground. And that is showing where the industry is going to be.

“You have to look underground, to see what people are doing and then give them commercial outlets that mirror that.”

Consumers will only move to legal sites from illegal ones if the proposition is better and easier to use, critics say.

How often do you buy cd’s from a store these days? What the music industry needs to do is instead of suing people is go on big forums and working with the popular people on there, where do you think celebrity blogs or any site you can think of gets our images/videos/porn from? Forums run the internet dumbasses. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for CD’s to disappear like the Cassette tape did.

Metallica is back bitches

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Metallica performed at some 08′ MTV Awards. Ok we all agree that St. Anger sucked massive balls and they seem to have went downhill. I haven’t heard Death Magnetic but after hearing this i wanna buy it right now. They freckin’ rocked that perfomance! I love when the fan jumps on stage at 5:58 lolz

Listen, it’s Joell Ortiz bitch

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Joell Ortiz the rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Joell released his debut album “The Brick (Bodega Chronicles)” in 2007. Being hailed as the next big thing by Hip Hop greats like KRS-One and Kool G Rap. Joell also signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath records in 2007. In 2008 Joell asked for a release from Aftermath. If your a hip hop head Joell cannot be missed.

Listen, it’s hip hop bitch

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Crooked I, the Westcoast living legend. Crooked has been doing “Hip Hop Weekly” every week for the past year. Dropping a freestyle over the hottest most recent beats. Crooked ended Weekly 52 definitely saving the best for last. Freestyling for over 10 minutes over beats from Biggie to Nirvana (yeah that’s right.) Listen below.

Tupac & Biggie Feat…Britney?

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I was surfing YouTube and found a pretty cool mix with Tupac and Notorious B.I.G thrown in with Britney Spears’ song Gimme More. Whoever did this did an awesome job.

Listen to this!

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I’m the Perez Hilton of this rap sh*t! Perez mostly promotes soft pop (whatever you call it.) I’m a hip hop fan at heart and I’m always searching for good music. When I heard Rumorz’ (myspace link) songs Droppin’ Names (click to hear) and Crying (click to hear) i got excited cause i found an artist i would follow for years to come. Support the dude cause he’s worth supporting. Up next? The incredible Kev Brown! Now back to your normal scheduled program full of hot whorish celebrity gossip.

Ja-Rule doesn’t hate the gays

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Under-fire rapper JA RULE insists he is not homophobic, he just couldn’t care less about gay marriage.
He said, “Lets talk about all these f**king shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can’t watch this sh*t.” However, Rule has gone back on his comments. He says, “It’s really not my business. I really could care less. I have relatives that are homosexuals and, you know, they come over for Christmas, hang out.”
He also stated, keep in mind i completely made this up. “Nahmean i don’t care if dez homos be gettin’ married, no homo. They be doin’ what they doin’, i got mad luv for dem. I went down on one just to prove i’m not homophobic no homo.”
Here’s some hip hop, since i got a nice response for the last Tech N9ne video here ya go.
By the way if you love real hip hop you must buy this.