Those pants are silly

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Here’s some new Mischa Barton pictures rocking my Grandma’s tight yellow pants and some red shoes. Some women really need help getting dressed before they leave the house. It’s crazy those pants were once in style 30 years ago. What do those pants highlight of your body? They make your stomach look fat and show off your ass in an unflattering way. Thumbs down hoe!


Dead inside

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Here’s Mischa Barton on the set of Law & Order. Judging by the fact that we have seen her bare boobs in a few of her latest movies I’m 99.99999% sure she’s wearing a push-up bra. Speaking of push-up bra’s those things are made by the devil! They lie! Damn right I’m pissed off. Imagine a sexy whore and your like oh yeah she has at least a 36c, you take her home and she’s built like a 8 year old Vietnamese boy.

Too late to worry?

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Mischa Barton is worried that her career might be over, funny i thought the same….May 18, 2006! Is it bad that I Wikipedia’d that?

“She needs to feel she’s still employable. Right now, that’s her deepest fear. That no one will hire her again. It’s not true, but that’s how insecure she can get sometimes.”

Bosses on ‘The Beautiful Life’ – which was produced by Ashton Kutcher - were aware of how fragile Mishca was feeling, and so asked her mother Nuala to break the news the show was over.

It is kinda sad that she’s 23 years old and thinks this is the end for her, don’t feel bad Mischa VH1 is always looking to hire. Whenever i get bad news i like to have my mom break the news for me too, doesn’t always work well like when i found out that hooker really wasn’t clean like she guaranteed, long story short me & my momma got our money back!

FHM is sum bitches

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It breaks my heart FHM has used some old pix of Mischa Barton. Come on FHM i love you guys but why old Mischa pictures? We want Mandy Moore! We want Mandy Moore!

Kim Kardashian sexy body in tiny bikini

Scarlet Johansson gets finger banged

Lady GaGa naked in FHM

Megan Fox is horny

Shakira shaking her ass on stage

Parents caught having sex Ewww!

Eva Longoria hot lesbian kiss

Britney Spears slutty in concert

The dead look is really hot

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Mandy Moore lesbian kiss

Madonna topless on the runway (NSFW)

Boob slip at the Oscars

Paris Hilton new upskirt

Kanye West girlfriend in a thong

Salma Hayek hot sex scene (NSFW)

Britney Spears in lingerie

mbfairmainMischa Barton posed for the March issue of Vanity Fair. The hair and the dead in the eyes look is really a turn on for me, i don’t know what’s hotter these pix or my weekly visit to the morgue. The paleness mmmm

FHM are NOT some bitches

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FHM recently did a new photo shoot with Mischa Barton. It’s nice to see FHM got an actress to do a new shoot but why Mischa? Come on guys get Mandy Moore or Scarlett Johansson, hell i’m obsessed with Diane Lane Lately.

Jack magazine is some bitches

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What is it with magazines re-printing old Mischa Barton pix? Now Jack magazine is using these pix in their February 09′ issue, old pix guys come on! Mischa can’t be that expensive, what maybe $15 plus lunch? And by lunch i mean weed.

Spot the nipple

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Daily Links

Kylie Minogue showing bare ass

Hayden Panettiere Thong Slip

Adriana Lima topless

Jennifer Love Hewitt in lingerie

Christina Aguilera ass in thong

Marisa Tomei new nude scene (NSFW)

Anne Hathaway topless (NSFW)

Mischa Barton really has the dead-in-the-eyes look down made popular by Kate Moss in the 90′s. Nothing hotter then banging a chick that looks like she died 3 days ago but then again i’m a necrophiliac. Keep reading to see a nipple. Hurray!

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