Tobey doesn’t like Michael Moore

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Actor Tobey Maguire has slammed filmmaker Michael Moore for his overtly political films and documentaries.

The Spider-Man star is determined not to mix acting with politics for fear of looking “silly” and has little time for Moore’s efforts, including Fahrenheit 9/11.

He says, “I don’t want to discuss politics… It can look a little silly for actors to talk politics.

“I don’t mind if it comes off the right way; but look at Michael Moore, the way he twisted some public figures. They’re not thinking; it’s just off the cuff, and he makes them look an ass.”

I agree with Tobey, but i will take it even further and say nobody except politicians should speak about politics. If your caught speaking about the President or the Government you will be arrested and have to share a cell with Paris Hilton. So straighten up and don’t ask questions……bitches.