Ol’ Mel Gibson is at it Again, new Audio catches him Losing it on Joe Eszterhas’

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Oh Mel, remember the days when you made good movies that received awards? Remember the days you didn’t go into racist rants on your ex-wife? Remember the days you didn’t try to keep the spotlight by making religious movies depecting Jews as a horrible, evil, Christian hating group of people who only wanted to murder every one and take over the world? Yeah me to!, those were the days…

However, Mickey Rourke will tell you what he thinks for an ice cream, watch the video below as Mickey explains how Joe is just mad at Mel for not liking his script.

BREAKING NEWS: Mel Gibson isn’t a cuckold and maybe racist

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Who woulda thought that the guy who made the movie The Passion of The Christ is a complete nutbag? Anywho Jew and Black hater Mel Gibson was caught leaving voice mail messages to his ex that isn’t exactly sweet nothings.

“You look like a (expletive) bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of (N-word), it will be your fault,” Gibson is heard telling Grigorieva. “You provoked it. You are provocatively dressed.”

Now i don’t totally agree with Mel Gibson saying the N word, i am against that but i am a total cuckold, i love watching my wife get pounded by 10 black guys. See i said Black and not N________. I’m so uncomfortable with the N word that i didn’t even ___ the right amount of letters that word has. Call me a pussy all you want, i still have my bike not stolen so suck on it!

Mel Gibson evacuated home

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The ‘Lethal Weapon’ star and his family were evacuated from their Malibu mansion as the raging blaze continues to spread.
Richard Gere – who witnessed the fire’s devastation as he flew into Los Angeles for the 11th annual Hollywood Awards on Monday (22.10.07) – said: “It’s as far as you could see in both directions. The smoke was actually in the plane as we flew through.”

‘Dallas’ star Victoria Principal was also evacuated and left her home taking only her pets and some precious family photographs. The actress has donated $50,000 to the Malibu evacuation centre for food and blankets and another $10,000 to the animal shelter rescuing stray pets.

Sources close to Mel Gibson (doesn’t really) tells Tastefulcelebs that when Mel Gibson was told that he and his family must leave he responded with “Did they catch the Jew that did it yet?”