Megan Fox’s Face has Changed over the Years, Still Smoking Hot

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There is no doubt a lot of movie stars go through numerous face surgeries in order to get that ‘perfect face’. Some people only make subtle changes, Megan Fox is one of those who does very slight changes over a long period of time. Its estimated she has spent over $60k in changes to just her face. Still, she has always been hot. Lets hope she doesn’t screw that up.

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Ewww Doctor Strange

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CoCo is naked on Twitter again

Avril private home video

Britney Spears exposed on stage again

Jessica Alba naked in hot tub (NSFW)

Britney Spears naked in the woods

Tila Tequila nude rare video (NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan fully nude (NSFW)

Scarlett Johansson lesbian scene


This Megan Fox picture made me have flashbacks of a attractive girl with a insanely bad looking vagina, really bad, like really bad. I swear to God i had a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s and nearly vomited the other day. Those things will scar you for months and question your heterosexuality. Penis couldn’t be that much worse.

Megan Fox is no whore

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Megan Fox is no whore you guys! She can count the number of guys she has banged on one hand…No thumb jokes a-holes.

“I’ve only been with two men my entire life,” the actress, 23, tells the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar (via Huffington Post). “My childhood sweetheart and Brian.”

Fox has been dating (and engaged to) former 90210 star Brian Austin Green on and off since 2004.

She continues, “I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, ever. The idea makes me sick. I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.”

I guess that’s something to be proud of, it really is if that’s true. Megan is 23. If your 23 and have had sex with over 30 people why not just go into porn and get paid to be a whore?

Hahaha it’s funny because she’s deformed!

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Motorola debuted their new commercial at the Super Bowl yesterday and the blogs went nuts with the fact that while Megan Fox was naked in the hot tub she had a body double….a hand double. I really can’t believe Megan did this commercial, she had to kn0w she would be made fun of, then again for $100000000 million i would pull a Kenneth Pinyan infront of the 100 million people that watched. Nothing like watching a bunch of guys tackle each other and cut to me getting rammed hard by a horse. And you thought Janet Jackson could shock.

Hilary Duff huge boobs braless

Hot babe on webcam (NSFW)

Scarlett Johansson topless outtakes (NSFW)

Jessica Alba first topless scene (NSFW)

Heather Graham sexy scene (NSFW)

Celebrities greatest camel toes

Jessica Biel talking dirty having sex (NSFW)

Teen in her bedroom (NSFW)

Britney Spears braless pix

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Paris Hilton private video (NSFW)

Two teens making out (NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan in see through outfit

Christina Aguilera no panties (NSFW)

Anne Hathaway naked in bed (NSFW)

I’m late…Go eff yourself

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I’ve never been a fan of Megan Fox. To me it seems like she tries way too hard to stand out. Did you see Jennifer’s Body? Holy Jizz, no really did you see the lesbian scene? It’s hot. I almost pulled it out in the middle of the theater, thankfully Leo wasn’t there. Anywho Megan doesn’t do it for me at all. Can she even act? Has she been in a role that doesn’t involve her banging somebody? What’evs I’ll shamefully touch myself to these pix and ponder those questions.

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I’d suffer for this play

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Lindsay Lohan OOps

Jessica Biel hardcore sex scene

Carmen Electra Sex Tape! (NSFW)

Paris Hilton topless on beach (NSFW)

Angelina Jolie hottest sex scene (NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan topless in club

Lady GaGa boob slip, you welcome? (NSFW)

Pamela Anderson topless on runway (NSFW)

Brooke Hogan and her really fake boobs

Heather Graham oral sex (NSFW)


How gay are Play’s seriously? I once went during a school trip when I was 10 and was ready to jump on stage and beg the people to stop. It had something to do with Medusa… no idea. Speaking of which somebody should do a porn version of Medusa, with that hair I’m sure I can cum on up with something. Wonder if Amy Winehouse is looking for work? Anywho here’s Megan Fox doing some kind of play topless. I would apologize for the quality of the pix but I don’t know you so you can David Carradine yourself, kidding but really.

Megan Fox does Details

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Here’s Megan Fox in the latest issue of Details magazine. I really don’t get the attraction to Megan other than the fact that she has a decent body & face. Usually girls with a strong personality like that are faking it, your not really like that whore, your a scared little girl so full of yourself and trying your best to find somewhere to fit in but can’t. Yeah that’s right, i’m a scared little girl too.

Megan Fox topless in new movie!

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Here’s a few screen shots from Megan Fox’s new movie Jennifer’s Body. I have no information about the movie and don’t feel like searching the Google for the information. Here’s what i think it’s about without doing any search and just taking a crazy guess, ok Megan Fox stars as Susan who’s a vampire and a misguided teen living in a small town told by her vampire boss that the only way she can get her life back is by giving anal sex to everybody in that small town. It’s My Best Friend is a Vampire meets Taste that Ass #72! Ok How close was I?

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