I’d hit it…With my penis

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I have a crazy attraction to older women. It all started when i was in the 3rd grade watching my substitute teacher. Thinking about it i had a thing for alot of my teachers. There was one that wore a thong and made it completely obvious she was wearing one, Jesus Christ i was aroused for 3rd period everyday in 7th grade. Anywho here’s Marisa Tomei who I’m touching myself to as i type this…Your gay for thinking about that.

Marisa Tomei naked!

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I talked about Marisa Tomei a while back in her new movie The Wrestler. Well she actually goes nude in the movie Hurray! Keep reading to see the nakedness (NSFW)

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Marisa Tomei strips

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Here’s a promo picture for Marisa Tomei’s new movie The Wrestler. I don’t watch Wrestling but if there’s more to come from this scene i’m totally still probably not watch it. She’s sexy and all but Mickey Rourke is the main character, nice try though