Non-porn footage sold for $60,000

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Rare footage of Marilyn Monroe on the set of her last completed film brought in $60,000 at an auction of movie memorabilia Saturday. Hurray for TC finally being current!

The two reels of silent, 8-millimeter color film shot on the set of “The Misfits” had been expected to draw starting bids of between $10,000 and $20,000.

$60,000 really? I know Marilyn Monroe isn’t quite my decade but why would you pay $60,000 for a few minutes of footage. That’s like $500 a second.

You wont see Monroe Paris style

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A Marilyn Monroe porn movie has been sold to a businessman for 750,000.

Mr Morgan said the New York buyer would not be releasing the film.

He said: “He doesn’t want to make a joke out of it, put it on the net or exploit her.”

That’s so weird to buy a porn for that much money. Plus she died along time ago, isn’t it creepy to watch a porn with someone who died?