Mariah Carey showing a large, Large Camel Toe

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Holy shit! I’m wondering if she looked at herself in the mirror with that atrocious outfit before she decided to go on cage. Next thing you know that camel toe is going to be featured on a box ofcigarettes. Her entire wardrobe staff needs to be fired for sending her out looking like whats beneath her pants could walk theSaharadesert

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Ewww Airbrushing

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FOR PR.indd

So Mariah Carey finallydecidedto go topless for the first time in Life & Style magazine (Dunno them either.) I can’t tell you howdisappointedI am seeing how I’ve had a huge erection for her before I had ball hair. Just lame, first off pregnant women are in no way sexy. Secondly, there is no secondly.

Sidebar: I’ve been really busy getting screwed by companies like ePassporte and others in 2010 so Iapologize for theabsence. I’m almost back on my feet and Iappreciatethe emails. Now enough of the gay stuff, how about those sweet airbrushed boobs?

Oh that’s tragic

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jess2This is so tragic. Jessica Simpson attended a Oscar party looking like a disappointment, Ok that sounds mean but look at the girl 5 years ago. Remember when Nick and her were together? Jessica was insanely perfect. I would pop off watching their MTV reality show every time it was on. It got crazy when a marathon was on all day. I could feed all of Haiti in that 24 hour period with all my DNA. Nick and Jessica really need to re-unite for my sake.


Your not a Diva…Your an insecure waste

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What would you do if you ran into Mariah Carey indoors looking like that and she wasn’t a famous person? I love how she runs around with the whole Diva attitude when she’s actually a total damaged person. I remember being 12-13 years old dreaming about banging that. Now it’s sad. The guy from Nickelodeon is married to her. It’s weird Nick Cannon is 29 years old, why do i still think he’s about 15?

Oh snap my wife pranked me Yo!

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Nick Cannon was doing his radio show when his wife Mariah Carey called in and prank called him discussing porn.

Referring to herself as Debbie from Long Island, Carey phoned Cannon live on air during his slot on New York station 92.3 NOW FM.

Listeners heard Mariah saying to Nick: “Me and my husband have a very good time when we watch porn and I don’t think it’s bad.

“I think if it was bad it wouldn’t exist. And I think that everyone should experiment with porn. I mean Nick, come on, you know you look at porn.” She further joked.

“Tonight when me and my husband look at porn, I already know it’s gonna be a humdinger.”

How cute is that? Watching porn with your lover is a great idea though. It depends on what kind of porn. Extreme spitting, slapping and gagging is a bit much. Ohhh come on lets try this baby, I’m sure the punch to the throat doesn’t hurt that bad.

Insert Golden Globe joke here

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Jessica Alba first nude scene (NSFW)

Rihanna slutty pix on vacation

Eva Mendes new topless pix

Megan Fox topless on movie set

Natalie Portman in g-string and topless (NSFW)

Two sexy teens making out on webcam in bedroom

Angelina Jolie topless on vacation (NSFW)

Pamela Anderson drunk and naked (NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan shows boob in public

Hayden Panettiere topless in the shower

Britney Spears’ body is back in bikini!

Tila Tequila basically topless in public, whatta whore


I’m sure you can come up with your own cheesy Golden Globe award joke so I’m putting it in your hands. Anywho here’s Mariah Carey attending the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. I’m still fascinated by Mariah and Nick Cannon, there’s no jealously on my part at all….Now if this was 15 years ago i would be ready to jump off a bridge but then again 15 years ago Nick Cannon was 12 years old.

I use to be obsessed with Mariah

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I confess when i was a kid i was obsessed with Mariah Carey, well not crazy obsessed but i did dream of her and woke up all sticky at like 10 years old. Is that inappropriate talking about me having a wet dream at 10? Who cares right?…. Now she’s like the girl that you was obsessed with and finally bang because your single and she went fu*king insane, you take advantage of her and realize that she’s nuts. It breaks your heart, i wasted a eff’in wet dream damn it! I wonder what the pink Power Ranger is up to?

Mariah is totally such a Diva

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How dumb is that picture? When i seen this picture I thought about Sarah Silverman’s comments about the word diva (Video below stupid.) Mariah Carey hit some Red Carpet all Diva’d out, don’t judge her she’s allowed to wear sunglasses inside. Also that jacket doesn’t make her look stupid at all.